Top-Class Galleries And Museums In Barcelona That Are A Must To Visit

View Of National Art Museum of Catalonia

Barcelona is a great place to visit as it has a number of options for spending great and memorable time here. It showcases the unique Catalan culture, and is home to a number of architectural delights. Tourists are overwhelmed by the design and architecture of the buildings and places here. Moreover, the art scene of the area is well-developed as people are crazy for arts here. From elevating musical performances, to great street arts that is ubiquitous everywhere, one could certainly say that the place excels in the arts scene in the entire world. Here is a list of some of the topmost galleries and museums in Barcelona that offer great fun to the lovers of arts.


CaixaForum is a great gallery that displays a wide range of private collection of the modern contemporary art. Temporary exhibitions are frequently organised here by the Caixa building society. So, people are always greeted with something new every time they visit the gallery. There are permanent exhibits as well, though, and the famous ones among those are Miquel Barcelo and Antoni Tapies, to name a few. It is a modernista structure that is beautiful designed by Puig I Cadafalch.

Museu Picasso

Museu Picasso is the most frequently visited museum of Barcelona. This popularity of the museum is attributed to a wide range of artefacts available here. There is a dazzling array of pieces showcasing great history of the place. For instance, there is the canvass ‘The Defenceless,’ which represents the true essence of the Blue Period. Moreover, there are all sorts of ceramics and other works dating back to 1890s.

However, the primary aim of the museum is to showcase the works of Picasso. There are artworks exhibiting his life as well as travels. The first floor of the museum is devoted entirely to ‘Blue Period’ of Picasso. And then, the second floor is solely dedicated to showing his ‘impressionist-influenced works.’ Tourists are always mesmerized to see a great variety of work including ‘Portrait of Senora Canals,’ which is taken from Rose Period.

Fundacio Joan Miro

The building is beautifully designed by Joseph Lluis Sert, who was the friend of Miro. There is a great use of light and white, which offers tourists a truly unforgettable experience. Besides Miro’s works there is a great range of artefacts from the contemporary artists as well. The focus is on Miro’s work primarily, and that too on the works he produced in the last 20 years of his life. However, there are works that were produced by him in his youth including the incredible ‘The Sala Joan Prats.’ Moreover, there is an entire section which is devoted to showing sketches and drawings of Miro. The amazing part is that some of the drawings are even made on cigarette packets or bits of newspapers.

Museu d’Art Contemporani De Barcelona

The museum shows the best contemporary art pertaining to Spanish and Catalan culture. There is a great collection of artworks here, including the works of Antoni Tapies, Alexander Calder, Miquel Barcelo, and Garcia Sevilla, to name a few.

Discovering The Pulsating Vibes Of Palo Alto Market In Barcelona

View Of Markets In Barcelona

Tourists are always intrigued by Barcelona, a great spot in Spain. The exhilarating environment, great musical scene, and the architectural buildings always hypnotize the visitors. They are always looking to explore the city in order to find out some of the amazing facts about this incredible place. Similarly, there is the Palo Alto Market in Barcelona that never fails to impress the visitors. Here are some of the great qualities of the market that make it an excellent spot to visit.

Unique Concept

First off, the coming up of the market was a unique concept in itself. Palo Alto was basically an island in Barcelona, and making it accessible to people was a great endeavour. Moreover, there were risks involved as it was thought that the pristine beauty of the place could certain get spoilt with the huge rush of tourists here in the long run. So, the basic underlying factor was to make sure that the pristine beauty of the place is maintained, and that the place is given its due respect and care. So, the original concept was to come up with a street market; however, the magical environment of the place supported the concept and what came up was a truly great spot for the visitors.

Unique Integration Of Shopping, Entertainment, And Culture

Palo Alto Market enjoys a roaring popularity among the people now. The efforts of the authorities have certainly paid off as they have opened a completely unique and great spot for the locals to explore. Moreover, the popularity of the place is also attributed to its unique integration of shopping, entertainment, and culture here. While there is a dazzling array of shops here, there is an equally great variety of entertainment options as well. The music that resonates in the atmosphere here is too moving and melodious. Moreover, the things on display here, along with the design of the stalls, and the market truly reflect the great culture of the area. In a way, the market is the perfect embodiment of the great blend of culture and entertainment of Barcelona.

Incredibly Amazing Food Trucks

Another great aspect about the place is its extreme focus upon providing tourists with the best food. The enthusiasm of the authorities gets reflected in the way they have arranged the food trucks here that serve great food. These food trucks serve all sorts of dishes from all sorts of cuisines, and most importantly, the best and popular food items are always on offer in these food trucks. So, one could always find their favourite Spanish Food, like paella.

Great Variety Of Cuisines

This is another advantage of visiting this market. One could always get to eat dishes from a great variety of cuisines. So, not only does one get to taste traditional Spanish dishes, but they could always eat other Mediterranean delights here.

Michelin-Starred Restaurants

Well, the popularity of food items here is attributed to the efforts of chefs here. And, this is aptly reflected in the great number of Michelin-starred restaurants that could be found here. So, tourists could always choose the best food items to eat, while they are shopping, enjoying the local music, or seeing the great exhibitions here.

Uncovering Benefits Of Getting Barcelona City Pass

View Of Barcelona

Barcelona is a great place in Spain that has its unique culture and rich heritage. Tourists are always intrigued by the unique culture of the place. People take pride in their language and culture here, and the walls in the street clearly exhibit the rich tradition of the place. So, the place is always inundated with a sea of humanity that comes here to witness the breathtaking beauty of the place. However, the rush makes it impossible for the tourists to enjoy their visit to different spots sometimes. So, people could always go for Barcelona City Pass that can help them in more ways than one.

Hassle Free Entrance Into Topmost Museums

People are spoilt for choice in Barcelona, since there is dazzling array of incredible architectural marvels in Barcelona. Barcelona City Pass enables a person to get uninhibited entry into all the major museums in Barcelona. One could get into a number of museums including Antoni Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia, unmistakable museum of Gaudi in Park Guell, Fundacio Joan Miro Art Museum, and Jardi Botanic de Barcelona, to name a few.

Fast Track Access To Iconic Attractions

Another benefit of Barcelona City Pass is that one could have hassle free entry into the iconic attractions of Barcelona, as one is not required to stand in queue with other people. Some of the top class iconic attractions that can be easily explored by the pass holders include Fundacio Joan Miro, Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona CCCB, Museu d’ Art Contemporani de Barcelona MACBA, and La Sagrada Familia, to name a few.

Unlimited Access To Public Transport

Another amazing benefit of Barcelona City Pass is that it allows one to have unlimited access to the public transport. One definitely needs to use the trains and buses in order to get around the city, and this option makes the lives of tourists truly convenient. The best part is that one could go to the city airport as well by taking the train. Tourists always like all these features.

Chance To Cruise Through The Mediterranean

If everything mentioned above was not enough, one also gets a chance to cruise through the Mediterranean with the help of the Barcelona City Pass. Tourists always love this aspect, since they are provided with a beautiful boat tour that takes them to the glitzy harbour of Barcelona. This gives them a chance to get stunning views of the city from the wide expanse of the sea. The feeling of floating amidst billionaire yachts in the Mediterranean is simply unsurpassed.

Unlimited Use Of Sightseeing Bus

Tourists are taken in sightseeing bus in Barcelona, and tourists get a chance to hop on to this sightseeing bus on some designated days if they have Barcelona City Pass. It is a great tour for the first time visitors since they are provided with valuable information via the audio commentary, while they are witnessing the astonishing beauty of great architectural sites in Barcelona.

Other Offers

There are some other offers as well that one gets on availing Barcelona City Pass. One gets a chance to buy tickets at reduced rates for various things including guided walking tours, sailing tours, and music concerts, to name a few.

Essential Things About Barcelona That People Must Know Before Visiting

View Of The City

Barcelona is a unique spot that has its distinct identity. It is certainly different from rest of the country. People could have a great stay at the Catalan capital if they know about certain things here. So, whether they want to visit the beach, or they want to wade through the sea of humanity at the local market, here are some of the things that they all must keep in mind in order to have great time in Barcelona.

Barcelona Is Not So Much A Part Of Spain

The first and foremost thing that visitors must know about Barcelona is that people don’t regard Barcelona as a part of Spain; rather, they take pride in calling themselves Catalonian. The place has rich cultural and historical heritage, its own distinct language, extraordinary cuisine, and strong ethics. So, Catalans love to present their culture, and get infuriated when they are equated with other cities in Spain. In fact, people here have been demanding independence, and they have firm belief that they can do much better if they are made independent.

Catalan Is The Official Language Of Catalonians

Another intriguing fact about Barcelona is that the official language of the place is Catalan and not Spanish. Although, a majority of people speak Spanish here; still, the official language remains Catalan. Moreover, Catalan is not a dialect, as it is imagined by some people; rather, it is a full-fledged language that has elements taken from Spanish, French, and Italian.

In fact, the language is a great uniting factor here, since the place was once ruled by Franco who completely banned the use of Catalan language. So, the revival of the language was a great step that happened after the death of Franco, and, since then, the Catalonians have done their best to revive their language.

Barcelona Is Not Seville            

Well, most of the visitors come to Barcelona with the image of what happens in other parts of Spain, especially Seville. For instance, they have the image of bull fights, paella feasts, flamenco fiestas, etc. in their mind when they visit Barcelona. However, nothing of this sort happens in Catalonia, and these things are mainly found in other cities, especially Seville. Although people are able to locate such things here; still, this is not what Catalans love or promote.

A Lot Of Celebrations Occur In Barcelona

Barcelona has a unique culture, and quite rich historical and cultural heritage; so, people take pride in celebrating their festivals. The whole atmosphere is pulsating with energy during the festive season. There are all sorts of street barbecue parties, etc. that are organised to celebrate various seasons and festivals.

Barcelona Is Not Solely A Tourist Destination

Well, while most of the people know that Barcelona is inhabited by people; there are some tourists who simply fail to notice this. They come here with the view of enjoying and having the best moment of their lives. They are too enchanted to witness the culture and tradition here that they take the locals for granted. So, in order to improve contact with the local people one must try to understand their feelings, etc. and learn some basic words of their language as well.

Finding Flawless Ways to Spend Quality Time In Barcelona

View Of Barcelona

Barcelona is an ultimate destination that offers unlimited fun and entertainment to the tourists. The visitors here are always mesmerized by its natural beauty and vibrant atmosphere. Moreover, knowledge about Barcelona can go a long way in ensuring that one spends quality time here. So, here are some of the options in which one could spend a day in the best possible manner.

Carretera De Les Aigues- For Morning Run

The first thing to do in the morning in Barcelona is to go for a run, and Carretera de les Aigues is a great running path that offers breathtaking views of Barcelona. The stunning views of Barcelona’s skyline extend till Mediterranean and are a treat to watch. Other things that are quite visible from this spot are Camp Nou, Sagrada Familia, and W Hotel, which is an unmistakable spot in Barcelona.

Animal Coffee Bar- For Rejuvenating Coffee

Animal Coffee Bar is arguably among the best locations in Barcelona offering perfectly prepared coffee. Every beverage is painstakingly prepared using fresh milk and immaculately roasted Nomad Coffee beans. The posh interiors further heighten the experience of sipping one’s coffee here. The whole experience is simply unsurpassed.

Carrer De Verdi- For Shopping

Carrer de Verdi is one of the eccentric streets in Gracia, which is flanked by trees. There is a dazzling array of shops here that offer great shopping experience, as there are shops selling purses, jewellery, and other accessories, like scarves, etc. Moreover, there is the Placa de la Vila de Gracia, which is a great location to sit and absorb the essence of Barcelona. The place offers a great chance to witness the busy life of people here in Barcelona.


Hitting the beach is one of the most popular and refreshing ways that people adopt in Barcelona. The views of the Mediterranean are stunning. One feels completely transfixed by the natural beauty here. There are a number of beaches here; however, they are crowded on busy days. So, it is always better to head towards other pristine beaches in the vicinity of Barcelona that offer peaceful and tranquil environment to the visitors.

Eclipse- For Drinks

There are a number of prime locations to have drinks in Barcelona, but, W Hotel’s rooftop bar called Eclipse is decidedly among the best locations. The place offers incredible views of Barcelona, the views of sun setting in the distance and lights coming up all over in Barcelona are simply stunning.

Estel De Gracia- For Food

Estel de Gracia is the perfect spot to enjoy most delicious, sumptuous, and mouth-watering dinner. The dishes here are done to perfection, and represent the unique culture of Spain. There is a great variety of dishes as well desserts that are offered here. The most popular dish of the locals is chocolate coulant.

So, the best part of visiting Barcelona is that there is a dazzling array of options available with the visitors. They don’t have to compromise with anything, since they are assured of the superior quality of products and services in Barcelona. Perhaps, this is the reason why Barcelona is among the most favourite tourist destinations in the world.

Spectacular Museums In Barcelona Offering Thoroughly Elevating Experience

Picture Of Temple Of Augustus

Barcelona is a beautiful city in Spain that has a rich history. While most of the people are aware of the Gaudi styled architecture and the buildings that he had to create, there is a great influence of Roman Empire on the city as well. This is because the place had once been occupied by Roman people as well. Barcelona offers this curious blend of various styles which get reflected in its buildings, places, and museums. So, here are some spectacular museums in Barcelona that are a treat to watch, since they invariably elevate a person by appealing their aesthetic faculties.

Barcelona’s City History Museum

Barcelona’s City History Museum is a frequently visited and much famed spot; however, few people are aware of the whole strange world that exists just beneath the museum. As one takes an elevator and head downwards toward Roman Barcino, they get to experience a completely different world that shows great influence of the Romans. There are footbridges as well which help one in touring the area. Some of the things present at the site include a wine cellar, a quaint wash-house, and a fishery. And, quite interestingly the museum’s exit takes one to Old Royal Palace.

Temple Of Augustus

Most of the people know about the massive cathedral called Cathedral de la Santa Creu I Santa Eulalia; however, few people are aware of the beautiful Temple of Augustus located just behind the cathedral in a tiny side-street. Well, the location of the temple is quite unassuming since it is located in an undersized alley which is called Carrer del Paradis.

The interiors of the building are quite interesting as one gets to see the four columns that were part of olden Roman temple. The temple has a rich history and was built way back in 1st Century BC in the honour of the great Emperor Augustus. So, this structure is in stark contrast to the modern day equipment present in the c ties nowadays.

Museu Nacional D’ Art De Catalunya

Museu Nacional D’ Art De Catalunya, or MNAC in short is clearly visible from Placa d’ Espanya. The building was built in 1926 and has amazing artworks of Catalan-Spanish art that are as old as 1,000 years old. In fact, there is no place in the world that has such a great collection of Catalan-Spanish art within such a small space.

While walking through the museum one feels like walking through the church since the interiors are decorated with church frescoes, exhibiting the great Romanesque art. Moreover, one also comes across other great pieces of baroque, renaissance, and modern works made by such talented artists as Joan Miro, Ramon Casas, Salvador Dali, and Pablo Picasso.

Casa Batllo

Casa Batllo or Antoni Gaudi Modernist Museum is an unmistakable spot in Barcelona. It is among the best creations of Gaudi. The building was built in 1877 but it was not until 1904 when Gaudi was commissioned by Josef Batllo to change the interiors and architecture of the building. And Gaudi then exhibited his extraordinary brilliance by converting the façade into a mysterious underwater world. He provided it a wavy shape and adorned the building with glass and ceramics mosaics that look incredibly marvellous when they glisten and sparkle.

Exploring The Sailing Trips From Barcelona That Offer Extremely Exhilarating Experience

Beautiful View Of Barcelona

Barcelona is a heaven for visitors since they are invariably mesmerized by its exceptional beauty and charms. The place has always attracted millions of tourists worldwide because of its magnetism. While there are some amazing choices with people to see a number of spots in Barcelona, they could always exercise the option of embarking upon a sailing trip from Barcelona that offers them unlimited fun and recreation. Apart from this, the tranquillity of the Mediterranean sea is bound to overpower the visitors completely, as they couldn’t help but gape in astonishment at the wide expanse in front of their eyes, the beautiful expanse of incredibly amazing water.

Incredible Boats

It seems people in Barcelona are crazy about the designs and architecture of the buildings and things. And, this craze is clearly exhibited in the way the sailing boat is adorned with beautiful sails and furniture. Moreover, seemingly fragile looking boats are capable of withstanding wildest tides and ocean’s fury. So, one gets to travel in sleek and elegant boats that take them deep into the calmest water of the ocean. Among the great variety of sailboats that one could choose from are jet-skis, powerboats, modern racing yachts, to name a few. So, one could opt for one according to their mood and company.

Hypnotic Environment

Tourists are always entranced by the magnetic aura and scintillating charm of the Mediterranean Sea while travelling on their sail boat. After initial hiccups where they acclimatize themselves with the ripples, etc. in the water, they seem to fall in love with the sailing trips since they get great opportunities to commune with nature. The vast ocean that lays spread in front of them offers them a great chance of understanding about the brevity of their life, and permanence of nature. The beauty of the place has always had hypnotizing effect on the travellers. The cool breeze, the great sunshine, and some marvellous people on board the sailboat offer unforgettable experience to the visitors.

Suitable For Everyone

These sailing trips that take one deep into the ocean are suitable for everyone. While the first time sailors enjoy the thrill of getting onboard the sailboat, the experienced sea dogs too have plenty of reasons to appreciate their ride deep into the ocean. Not only is the environment extremely electrifying, but the atmosphere onboard as well is equally adventurous. Children love to enjoy the cool breeze while shouting at the pitch of their voices; and elders too find a way to completely reinvigorate themselves. Moreover, it is a never-to-miss adventure for couples since the romance is in the air. They could always understand each other better while traversing through the pleasant water.

Exceptional Architectural Sites

While travelling on the sailboat and getting deep into the sea, one gets a chance to look back and savour the great architectural sites, including Torre Agbar Tower, Montjuic Mountain, and the famed Sagrada Familia by Gaudi. Moreover, the skyline of the city when seen from the sailboat is equally enchanting. The view from the sea is really entrancing.

The Exceptional Way Of Spending A Day In Barcelona

View Of Gothic Quarter

Barcelona is endowed with incredible natural beauty. On the top of it, the atmosphere here is completely vibrant. There is a dazzling array of musical and dance performances all over the city that completely mesmerize the tourists. Moreover, the culinary scene is unsurpassed as well. Although it is very difficult to explore the whole city in a day, still, one could always explore the best things in the city in a day. Here is one of the many exceptional ways in which one could spend a day in Barcelona.

Las Ramblas

The first and foremost thing to do in the morning while visiting Barcelona is to visit Las Ramblas. The boulevard located in the heart of the quaint and riveting old town gives the ‘real’ feeling of being in Barcelona. The scene of the early day where everyone is starting their day is a delight to witness. Moreover, one also gets to see some ornate street lamps that were designed by Gaudi.

La Boqueria

Boqueria food market offers unlimited options of eating mouth-watering dishes. The chefs here are known to offer incredibly fresh and tasty food. Some of the great food options here include fresh meat, crawling crustaceans, fat olives, fish, veggies and fruits. Moreover, buttery croissants along with strong coffee are perfect to start a busy day.

Savour The Gothic Quarter

Gothic Quarter is a real rabbit warren that is replete with fashion boutiques and attractive courtyards that are endowed with scintillating architecture. So, it is the best place that straightaway influences one’s aesthetic faculty.

Visit Born Barrio

Visit to Barcelona is incomplete without paying visit to the ultimate chic place called Born Barrio. There is a dazzling array of classical fashion boutiques here, along with a number of restaurants, bars, and stylish café terraces.

Further, one could also visit the famous Picasso Museum, and get to witness the beautiful architecture of the medieval mansion in which it is located. Also, the experience of strolling through Parc Ciutadella, the gardens that are full of palm trees is simply unsurpassed.

Tapas Tour In Lunch

Only dish that could characterize the typical lunch in Barcelona is the tapeo. Among the multitude of eating spots is Bodega Punctual that has some scrumptious and mouth-watering patatas bravas and gooey croquettes. Moreover, lunch is complete if the food is followed by the best Catalan wines of one’s choice.

Experience The Best Modernist Architecture And Great Artwork Of Gaudi

There can’t be any better place to visit in Barcelona than Passeig de Gracia, which is decidedly the most regal and splendid boulevard. Among the best artworks of Gaudi that could be seen here are Casa Batllo and La Pedrera, to name a few.

Take A Coffee Break

Taking a coffee break proves to be extremely rejuvenating for a person in Barcelona since the place is witnessing a great coffee revolution currently. So, one could either visit Satan’s Coffee Corner or Nomad Coffee in order to get that elevating taste of coffee.

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia is Gaudi’s massive and popularly unfinished church. The beauty of the spot is unrivalled, especially the dexterously detailed facades, which are absolutely stunning.

Top Five Places In Barcelona’s Vicinity Offering Exceedingly Exhilarating Experience

View Of Zaragoza

Barcelona is a great spot in the world that offers unforgettable memories to people that they cherish throughout their lives. The place is always pulsating with energy and the buzz of the tourists and the locals continues from dawn to dusk. There is a dazzling array of options for the people to choose from, and there is unlimited fun here. Moreover, the promising aspect is that the areas in the vicinity of Barcelona are equally appealing and exhilarating. They too have a variety of things for the tourists to choose from. While some of these spots are tranquil others are vibrant and lively. So, here is a list of some incredible spots in Barcelona’s vicinity that offer everlasting pleasant memories to the visitors.


Montserrat is a mystical location that is revered by ascetics. It is a great spot for people who love to commune with nature and have some private conversations with their soul. The atmosphere is so compelling that people are invariably awed and overpowered by the surroundings. On the top of it, one is greeted by the breathtaking vistas as well while traversing the refreshing and rejuvenating hikes in the region. And, the best part is that it is not far from Barcelona at all. So, it is a great place to escape for the people who love to explore the mystical surroundings.


Girona is a popular tourist spot because of its rich historical past and stunning architecture. The Modernista and Gothic buildings never fail to amaze the visitors, who couldn’t help but gape in astonishment at the beauty of the buildings while treading upon the ancient cobblestone streets of this hypnotic and charming Spanish city. There is no dearth of art museums, cathedrals, and parks here. Apart from this, the restaurants and pubs here provide incredibly amazing and flawless food that completely elevates the tourists.


Zaragoza is a promising and developing hot spot in Spain that is continuing to have its own unique identity. The place is home to Spain’s best businessmen and artists, and thus, the restaurants here provide extremely delicious dishes that are done to perfection. Apart from this, there is the famed structure called Basilica del Pilar, whose remarkable domed ceiling and shimmering tiles always captivate the tourists straightaway. Moreover, the place has a dazzling array of ‘Roman Ruins’ scattered all over the place. So, one’s attention remains completely riveted to these intriguing spots.


Blanes is a popular tourist spot, thanks to its breathtaking beautiful scenery and famed botanical gardens. Apart from this, there is a great variety of restaurants here serving tempting Mediterranean delights. Furthermore, the experience of watching exotic trees and flowers in Marimurta Botanical Gardens, against the backdrop of the dazzling sea is simply unsurpassed.

Port Aventura

Port Aventura is a great place to visit along with kids or for all the adventure loving people since it has two absolutely stunning adventurous parks that are full of exciting and exhilarating activities. Apart from the two parks namely, Port Aventura Caribe Aquatic Park and Port Aventura Park, there are a number of hotels and resorts in the area.

Amazingly Refreshing And Rejuvenating Things To Do In Barcelona

View Of Las Ramblas Street

Fotokon /

Barcelona entrances the visitors as soon as they witness its immaculate beauty. The place is full of unique, labyrinthine streets. Moreover, the buildings exhibit great architecture and are a treat to watch. Apart from this, there is a dazzling array of glistening beaches that completely mesmerize the people. So, there are a number of refreshing and rejuvenating things that a person could do while in Barcelona.

Hiking On Carretera De Les Aigues

Hiking on Carretera de les aigues not only offers a great exercise for the body but also exalts one’s mind by offering breathtaking views of the city. One also gets to see glimpses of famous football stadium called Camp Nou. And, football fanatics too have a reason to traverse the path as they could get glimpses of their favourite football stars homes, like Pique’s and Shakira’s princely homes.

Park Guell

Visit to Park Guell would leave one completely elevated. Moreover, the park also offers breathtaking views of Mediterranean and the city. The place has architect Gaudi’s amazing works. There is a peculiar history of the park as it was meant to be exclusive residential place for the wealthy people of Catalan. Moreover, the place was also the personal favourite of Gaudi as he himself resided in the place.

Visiting The Cleanest Beaches

Beaches in Barcelona are always teeming with enthusiastic people who are out there to bath under the sun. One could simply witness the lively crowd or take bath as well. The beaches towards the north are the cleanest like Bogatell, Nova Icaria, Llevant, and Mar Bella, to name a few. The best part is that all these beaches are easily accessible on foot by simply embarking upon the beach boardwalk.

Carmel Bunkers

Carmel Bunkers were built in 1937 when Spanish Civil War took place. Though there were some makeshift homes built by homeless population there after that, the place is now completely deserted but an ideal place to soak in spectacular views of Barcelona.


Gracia is in close proximity to Barcelona but the place has starkly different characteristics. The place is a must to visit for the people who love to revel in their solitude and like to immerse in the peculiar environment of small town. It is a haven for the arts lovers as they could discover great artworks of Gaudi here. They could always visit Casa Viens, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and is a treat to watch.

Parc Ciutadella

Parc Ciutadella is decidedly the best place to visit in Barcelona, especially on a sunny day. The place extends to 18 hectares and offers perfectly idyllic environment. The atmosphere here is completely serene and tranquil. There is a dazzling array of calming and comforting spots including palm trees, green houses, fruit orchards, boating lakes, a water fountain, a zoo, and the exclusive Arc deTriomf.

Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas is indisputably the most popular street in the city. The 1.2 km long boulevard extends from Placa Catalunya towards the port. There is a dazzling array of shops and restaurants here including La Boqueria Food Market, Boades Cocktail Bar, Placa Reial, and Font de Canaletes, to name a few.