The Exceptional Way Of Spending A Day In Barcelona

View Of Gothic Quarter

Barcelona is endowed with incredible natural beauty. On the top of it, the atmosphere here is completely vibrant. There is a dazzling array of musical and dance performances all over the city that completely mesmerize the tourists. Moreover, the culinary scene is unsurpassed as well. Although it is very difficult to explore the whole city in a day, still, one could always explore the best things in the city in a day. Here is one of the many exceptional ways in which one could spend a day in Barcelona.

Las Ramblas

The first and foremost thing to do in the morning while visiting Barcelona is to visit Las Ramblas. The boulevard located in the heart of the quaint and riveting old town gives the ‘real’ feeling of being in Barcelona. The scene of the early day where everyone is starting their day is a delight to witness. Moreover, one also gets to see some ornate street lamps that were designed by Gaudi.

La Boqueria

Boqueria food market offers unlimited options of eating mouth-watering dishes. The chefs here are known to offer incredibly fresh and tasty food. Some of the great food options here include fresh meat, crawling crustaceans, fat olives, fish, veggies and fruits. Moreover, buttery croissants along with strong coffee are perfect to start a busy day.

Savour The Gothic Quarter

Gothic Quarter is a real rabbit warren that is replete with fashion boutiques and attractive courtyards that are endowed with scintillating architecture. So, it is the best place that straightaway influences one’s aesthetic faculty.

Visit Born Barrio

Visit to Barcelona is incomplete without paying visit to the ultimate chic place called Born Barrio. There is a dazzling array of classical fashion boutiques here, along with a number of restaurants, bars, and stylish café terraces.

Further, one could also visit the famous Picasso Museum, and get to witness the beautiful architecture of the medieval mansion in which it is located. Also, the experience of strolling through Parc Ciutadella, the gardens that are full of palm trees is simply unsurpassed.

Tapas Tour In Lunch

Only dish that could characterize the typical lunch in Barcelona is the tapeo. Among the multitude of eating spots is Bodega Punctual that has some scrumptious and mouth-watering patatas bravas and gooey croquettes. Moreover, lunch is complete if the food is followed by the best Catalan wines of one’s choice.

Experience The Best Modernist Architecture And Great Artwork Of Gaudi

There can’t be any better place to visit in Barcelona than Passeig de Gracia, which is decidedly the most regal and splendid boulevard. Among the best artworks of Gaudi that could be seen here are Casa Batllo and La Pedrera, to name a few.

Take A Coffee Break

Taking a coffee break proves to be extremely rejuvenating for a person in Barcelona since the place is witnessing a great coffee revolution currently. So, one could either visit Satan’s Coffee Corner or Nomad Coffee in order to get that elevating taste of coffee.

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia is Gaudi’s massive and popularly unfinished church. The beauty of the spot is unrivalled, especially the dexterously detailed facades, which are absolutely stunning.

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