OROGOLD Barcelona Store Review, Barcelona, Spain

OROGOLD Cosmetics, a leading luxury skin care brand in the United States of America, recently launched is store in Barcelona. The brand has been expanding at a rapid rate and it is already present in more than 20 countries across the globe. The Barcelona Store is famous for upholding the OROGOLD experience and offering its customers with a hassle free and enjoyable experience. This page has been dedicated to learning about what the customers of the OROGOLD Barcelona Store have to say. We would love to hear about your experiences and learn how to serve you better. Please feel free to write down your comments about our store using the “comments box” below.

Although it might be known for one of the best football club, Barcelona is one of the oldest cities established by the Romans. It is the capital of Catalonia and has a rich history and fiery Catalan culture. It is also known for being the biggest port towns in the Mediterranean region. Today, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe which can draw more than millions of tourists every year. It has grown to be the world class city and an outstanding MICE destination. Not only being the economic powerhouse, Barcelona has jaw dropping scenic beauties with clean beaches, royal culture, and awesome wildlife. The culinary tradition also goes pretty old and the tourist should order the indigenous meal at least once in their entire trip.

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 Explore Barcelona
You will never fall short for sights and attractions in Barcelona. Exploring the Bari Gothic or taking a stroll around the La Rambla, the city will give you nostalgic feeling! The many Tapas bars situated in almost every corner of the city is a major attraction for the young generation. However, one should not miss the architectural wonders of Antoni Gaudi, the serene natural beauties, the shimmering nightlife and most importantly the interacting with the local folks of the city. If you do not watch the museums and the art galleries while being in Barcelona is a bad miss of the opportunity. From stylish and posh 5-star venues to short term apartment rentals, Barcelona has to offer everything that you can probably think of.

Among these plethoras of activities to do in and around Barcelona, shopping is also one of the most important activities. The city offers a variety of shopping experience for both the domestic as well as the international folks. Luxury brands to local outlets, Barcelona has a number of different options for boutiques, accessories to skin care products.

Barcelona - OROGOLD Store

In order to choose the right Oro gold products, which suit your skin type and have desired effects, you need to understand the type of skin you have and how you can identify it easily.

Come Visit Us!
Our recently launched store of OROGOLD in Barcelona offers some impeccable skin care treatment options and a range of products that can enhance one’s natural appeal of the skin. All your skin needs are met at the store by our best skin specialists, offering suggestions about products that will help you get significant improvement in skin texture and color. It also lightens hyper-pigmentation like dark spots or age spots, leaving your skin with a beautiful natural glow.

The OROGOLD Store at Barcelona for All Your Skin Needs
The OROGOLD store welcomes the customers warmly to explore different types of skin care treatments and products for different skin concerns. No matter what type of skin problem you are suffering from, the skin specialists will make sure to offer you a lavish, luxurious and ideal treatment that suits your skin type and gives faultless results. If your skin is acting weird, breaking out and causing some problems, then you are at the right place. The staff at the Barcelona OROGOLD store will address your skin problems and suggest good treatment options at the store. Just use our products daily to get a neat and refreshing look.

If your skin has aged prematurely because of staying in the sun, then look for our skin care products that can help to improve the texture or color of’ the skin. Orogold offers a range of products that can help exfoliate the skin and aid in cell generation – helping you get a clean and clear look. Witness your face beginning to glow, and you start feeling more confident about your skin.

Check out our range of skin care creams, lotions, and other products reach the lower layer of the skin where collagen and elastin are produced. Thus, it helps in cell generation and gives your skin the tightness or firmness for that beautiful, stunning look.

The skin care products also help to minimize the lines, wrinkles, scars and other aging signs. The products are used for skin repair and contain a combination of naturally derived ingredients like vitamins, minerals and most importantly gold; that enhances the functioning of these products. Trust us when it comes to offering some amazing results to your skin. If you have sensitive skin or your skin is too dry or too oily, you can depend on the end number of skin care products available at the OROGOLD store in Barcelona. You will feel great after the use of the products for it will give you the skin of your dreams in no time.

OROGOLD Review 1
I was walking along the Rambla de Catalunya Barcelona when I came across the OROGOLD Store. This store looked like one of those exclusive stores in a high end shopping area and the displays certainly looked inviting. So when a guy came out and invited me inside to try out some free products, it was very hard to say no. I thought of refusing to go inside as Sundays were the only time I had to myself and so did not want to waste time shopping, but the promise of free luxury skin care creams was just too much to ignore.

My first impression of the store was that it was dripping in luxury. The black and gold decors were fantastic and the product displays were gorgeous. The salesman offered me an eye cream that contained 24k gold particles to try on. I did try it on and it gave my eye area a noticeable difference within just 5 minutes. He also offered me a moisturizer to try out. This left my skin feeling silky smooth and glowing. I was visibly impressed with the products, but balked at the price. I thought they were a bit too much. However, the products definitely seemed to be worth it so I decided to save up and come back next month, especially since the salesman told me that he would throw up a 50% discount as well.

In-store view of OROGOLD Barcelona Location

I became ecstatic when I heard about the discount and started thinking ways in which I would save enough money to come back and purchase the products of my choice. While I was still lost in my own little world, the salesman asked me if I would like to get a free skin consultation done by one of Orogold’s skin care specialists. I was really surprised at this question because I was under the impression that skin care stores and brands only offer free trials and skin consultations after you have purchased some products or collections from them.

The next thing I knew was that I was seated in front of an experienced skin-care specialist who started talking about my skin and the issues that I was facing currently. I discussed with her my apprehensions about using various kinds of skin care products, wasting loads of money and ending up with more skin issues and problems than before. I have always been a kind of person who keeps changing her skin care brand after a few weeks of usage to watch a miracle happen. Did I forget to mention that I have extremely dry skin and with the effects of time, my skin has started revealing my true age and fine lines and wrinkles have started appearing on my face and body?

The skin specialist listened to me patiently for more than 10 minutes and as I interacted with her, I felt I was talking to someone who understood my skin like no one did. She made some basic changes in my diet, increased by water intake by more than 20 percent and also asked me to apply some olive oil after the daily shower. She assured that my skin would start getting less dry.

Moreover, she recommended the 24K Bionic Series which happens to be a collection that helps collagen molecules to penetrate deep into the skin thereby slowing down the process of aging. It also enhances moisture level to reduce dryness of skin, evens the colour tone and recovers loss elasticity and firmness.

After hearing all the details about each of the products in this collection, I was very sure that this was just the collection for me. Once our conversation was over, I informed the salesman that I was not going to purchase the products instantly but planned to do so soon. To my amazement, this did not change the way she interacted with me and she chatted with me for a few more minutes. This is what I call utter professionalism and courtesy towards a customer.

The salesman certainly seemed to be quite knowledgeable and I was glad that he did not push me for a purchase when I told him that I would come back next month to buy the product. What I liked the most about OROGOLD was the fact that it did not contain anything from animals in its product composition and it was not tested on animals either. I am in love with pets and share my house with a  Jack Russell terrier, more of a family member than a pet.

I liked the overall experience that the OROGOLD Store in Barcelona and am definitely gonna come back for some products next month. I also researched the brand online. While I am appalled by the aggressive sales tactics (luckily, I wasn’t subjected to one), I have found nothing that states that the product didn’t work miracles. So I plan to come back next month for my products and hope you guys don’t use those same tactics on  me.

The OROGOLD Barcelona Store is one of the many luxury stores in Barcelona. One can find it right below the Hotel Regente in the La Rambla. La Rambla is a 1.2km boulevard which is also known as the most popular destination for the tourists in Barcelona. With lots of hotels, restaurants and cafes, people can easily spend their leisure time.

The OROGOLD Barcelona Store can be easily spotted as it is exactly designed like any other OROGOLD store in the shades of gold and black. It aims at providing its customers with the best of the luxurious experience and the skin care products.

OROGOLD Review 2
I have changed more than 10 brands in the last year but nothing seemed to give the kind of results I was looking for. I also wasted a good amount of money on these products and was deciding to give up on my oily-skin and accept it as it is when my friend told me about Orogold. Finding a good skin care brand which understands your skin and takes care of all the skin issues and problems that you are currently facing is not an easy job.

She told me that Orogold is a unique skin care brand which manufacturers products containing the goodness of pure gold along with other natural ingredients that are not easy to find anywhere else. Nowadays, most skin care brands use harmful chemicals in their products so that it shows quick results but harms the skin in the long run. Orogold however, is quite different from such brands and has made its name in the skin care industry by using natural ingredients which are not at all harmful.

I decided to visit the store and give one last chance at saving my skin and the oiliness that I so badly suffered from.

Just looking at the store made me feel that I had been transformed into a world of gold as it looked so beautiful and dashing with a soothing ambiance and white and gold decor! I entered the store and was greeted by the store in charge. I told him about my skin care issue of oily-skin and after listening patiently to me, he asked me to be seated.

Soon enough another guy came and sat in front of me. He introduced himself as a skin care specialist who wanted to understand my skin in and out before suggesting any products or skin care routines to me. He spent almost 25 minutes just talking about my skin and then suggested a new skin care regime, made changes in my diet, increased my daily water intake and also suggested the best sleep patterns! I mean so much for oily skin?!

This specialist impressed me so much that when he suggested the 24K Oil-Control Series from Orogold Stores, I was so sure that he couldn’t be wrong. Though the entire collection was quite expensive, it was nothing compared to the amount of money I had already wasted!

It has been more than 2 weeks that I have been using this amazing collection. Not only has my skin started becoming less oily but also started glowing and looking younger than before.

I can never thank you enough Orogold!

OROGOLD Review 3
Exploring Barcelona had been my greatest dream ever and last year when I went on a family trip to Barcelona I felt excited a lot. We planned to stay at Hotel Regente situated on along the La Rambla boulevard. One day as I got down onto the La Rambla I saw the Orogold store on our hotel’s lower level. Even from outside the store appeared to be an upscale one and so I could stop myself from entering into the store and exploring it a bit. I had made up my mind that I would not get involved in any type of conversation with the salesperson inside the store but would only browse through the display shelves quickly and leave the store casually and quickly. Earlier, many a time, I had come across nagging salespersons who pressed on buying cosmetics from them. So I wanted to make the visit a short and simple one.

But to my surprise, although a salesman invited me into the store, he did not show any aggressive behavior towards me regarding the purchase of any product. Rather he welcomed me to have a look at the wide display of the various categories of products arranged brilliantly inside the store. As the name suggests, gold was the main color, which had been incorporated in abundance, to decorate the entire store.

So, as I was looking at the different types of products on display across the shiny attractive shelves, accompanied by the salesman, a particular product caught my attention, which I thought to be just the perfect one for me. Look of each of the products was plush enough but I started wondering about the effectiveness of the 24K Nano Night Recovery serum. It was only after I expressed my interest for this specific product the salesman explained about the usefulness of this magical hydrating serum to me. It was told to me that, rich in gold, important nutrients and essential oils, this 24K night serum provides the skin with its required level of moisture helping it to retain this moisture level and makes the skin appear bright and young. For obtaining best result this product needs to be used on a daily basis. Description of this product impressed me a lot. Moreover, I was much delighted when the salesman offered me a free trial and a discounted price for this product.

After the application of few drops of the 24K night serum on my face and neck, I waited for few minutes and when I touched my skin after some time, the smoothness I felt was just awesome. So, without thinking much, I bought the product and got out of the store quite cheerfully glad about the little amount of money I finally paid for this Orogold product.

Get Superior Skin Care Solutions at the OROGOLD Barcelona Store
Do you find it impossible to handle your skin problems and is your skin showing signs of aging that distress you? If it is so, then your visits to our OROGOLD store in Barcelona will change your perception completely because with OROGOLD no skin problem remains for long. The wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles and various skin concerns will be treated in a quick span of time. You also enjoy a beautiful complexion.

Luxurious and beautiful interiors of the store and the best skin treatments at the store in a private VIP room are sure to make you feel fully satisfied. The skin will feel more hydrated after the treatment, and it will shine. The skin tone and texture will improve as well. Just imagine, if after one facial the results are so amazing then using these skin care product daily will do how many benefits to your skin?

Our skin experts will familiarize you with the product range, and your multiple skin needs will be addressed in the best way by them. They would offer a free consultation that what will suit your skin and it will feel softer. The skin damage will be repaired completely, and the ingredients in the products will nourish the skin cells deeply. It will prevent aging and treat your skin luxuriously. If you use the products religiously the positive changes in your skin will be felt soon.

The range of OROGOLD skin care products offer a beautiful look to your skin, and this is possible because of effective ingredients in the products. The ingredients in the products are natural, and the use of gold in these products helps you to get rid of skin problems successfully. Green Tea, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Aloe Vera and other ingredients in the products makes them all the more efficient.

So, if you want to protect your skin throughout the day, then pay a visit to our luxurious OROGOLD store in Barcelona and bid farewell to all your skin problems. Enjoy using these products daily on your skin, and it’s very simple to use them. Your dream of attaining a flawless and healthy skin will be achieved in no time.

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