Unearthing Topmost Picnic Spots In Barcelona

View Of People Picnicking

Barcelona enjoys great climatic conditions, and barring some rainy days the weather is extremely suitable to go out and explore some great areas in Barcelona. The place has a lot to offer, as there are a number of outdoor activities that one could get involved in. Moreover, there are such tranquil spots that are ideal for picnicking. There are a number of restaurants, etc. that offer great culinary delight to the visitors. So, here are the topmost picnic spots in Barcelona that are worth visiting.

El Parc De Joan Miro

The park is located in the central neighbourhood of Barcelona’s l’Eixample. It is actually famous for the sculpture prepared by none other than the great Catalan Artist called Joan Miro. The sculpture has a height of 22 metre, and is a great sight to visit. The architectural beauty of the sculpture is simply surreal.

The best part about the park is that it is in close vicinity to the city; so, one could instantly avoid the hustle and bustle of the city and enter the great tranquil atmosphere of the park. This is the reason the spot is visited by a great number of people daily. A huge rush is witnessed on weekends when tourists and locals come prepared with their food, etc. in order to relax here. There are massive palm trees and pine trees here offering shaded paths.

Parc Del Laberint D’Horta

This park is a labyrinth park that offers amazing experience to the visitors. Besides, it enjoys the distinction of being Barcelona’s oldest garden. Tourists love to find their way through the maze here, and discover a great number of natural spots on the way. The park is a bit unassuming spot as it is hidden behind the great historic spot called ‘Dukes of Llupia’ which is a great palace. The 18th century neoclassical garden is a great site to visit. Moreover, one gets a chance to discover such mythological figures painted on the wall as Echo, Eros, and Narcissus, to name a few.

Jardins De Can Sentmenat

The best features of the spot are its stately female statues, and well groomed lawns and hedges. The park was the creation of Catalan nobility and served as the residence of Marquis of Sentmenat at some point of time. However, it is not a public garden and is a perfect spot to visit for escaping the bustling traffic and maddening noise and rush of the city. The wooded area spans 9 hectare and offers great respite to the visitors. One gets astonishing views of Barcelona from this spot.

Parc De L’ Espanya Industrial

The park is located beside the train station and is a perfect mix of Barcelona industry and culture. There is the unmistakable pond here that offers great respite to the visitors. Moreover, there is the dragon’s trail that has the great 150 tonne sculpture which is a delight to discover as well.

Jardins Del Palau De Pedralbes

The spot is famous among the locals as there is a lot of green space here. People feel completely relaxed after visiting the gardens. So, one must make it a point to discover pristine beauty of the park.

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