Amazingly Enchanting Areas In The Vicinity Of Barcelona

View Of Colorful Houses At Girona

Barcelona has always been the most preferred holiday destination of people. The place has a lot to offer to the tourists as there is a curious mix of shopping, culture, spellbinding beaches, and a great Mediterranean lifestyle, it’s also considered a relatively cheap location. What’s more, the place has some stunning places in its vicinity also, and these places are equally enchanting and appealing, since they give tourists a chance to witness incredible landscapes, scenery, and some motivating and elevating mountain ranges. So, here are some of these thoroughly mesmerizing locations in close proximity to Barcelona.

Delta Del Llobregat

Delta del Llobregat spans 97 square kilometres of area, and is characterized by innumerable landscapes that are full of salt-water lagoons and marshes. The place is easily accessible via two natural reserves Remolar-Filipines and Ricarda-Ca l’Arana. One could get involved in bike riding and bird-watching in these two reserves.

Montserrat Mountain Range

Montserrat Mountain Range is an iconic spot as it has the unmistakable Montserrat Monastery at the summit. The natural surroundings of the area invariably cast a spell on the tourists, and mesmerize them with their stunning beauty. The place has often been regarded as the spiritual, religious, and cultural point of reference.


Granollers is another great spot that is famous for its rich historical heritage. La Porxada is the most stunning part. It is basically a building that got constructed in 1686 with the purpose of serving as grain market. Moreover, there are El Montnegre and El Corredor mountains that form great background, and are a true delight for the eyes. Moreover, one must also make it a point to visit the Granollers Museum, the Church of Sant Esteve, and the Town Hall Building. Besides, art lovers should visit ‘The Natural Sciences Museum’ as well, as it is certainly an interesting and enchanting spot to visit.

The Gaudi Crypt Located In Guell Colony

The Gaudi Crypt used to be the test lab of Gaudi in which he performed a number of experiments pertaining to architecture. The importance of the site can be gauged from the fact that it found a place in UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Site that was declared in 2005. Gaudi was the father of architectural revolution in Barcelona and there are countless buildings in Barcelona that were designed by him. He was a revolutionary architect who had his own inimitable style of working. So, the Gaudi Crypt stands testimony to the hard work done by Gaudi in order to create his sparkling masterpieces.


Girona is the capital of Girones comarca. A number of rivers run through this area making it a completely picturesque and eye-appealing spot for visitors. These rivers are Guell, Ter, Onar, and Galligants. Moreover, the place has extensive vegetation too, and it has been shaped by such mountain massifs as The Sant Miquel Mount, The Sant Daniel Valley, and Les Gavarres, to name a few. There is a dazzling array of forests and rivers here, which make up for perfect scenery. Moreover, the place also has a rich cultural and historical heritage. For instance, one instantly gets transported to the earlier centuries, like 14th or 15th century, when they pay a visit to such places as Ensanche Medieval and Forca Vella.

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