About OROGOLD Barcelona

About OROGOLD Barcelona

Barcelona, a city that was established by the Romans, is famous for its rich history and fiery Catalan culture. Barcelona serves as the capital of Catalonia and is considered to be one of the biggest port towns in the Mediterranean region. Barcelona is a world class city, an economic powerhouse and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. It manages to draw millions of visitors each year with its beautiful beaches, breathtaking architectural wonders, fantastic culture, wild nightlife, exciting cuisines and a plethora of sights and attractions. Strolling along the La Rambla, exploring the Barri Gothic or checking out one of the many Tapas bars might be the most popular things to do, but the exciting nightlife, stylish hotels, architectural wonders of Antoni Gaudi, beautiful sceneries, friendly people, fun loving lifestyle and excellent cafe culture all play a major role in making Barcelona truly magical. Barcelona might lack hundreds of “must see” venues that you need to tick off from your lists, but missing out on its architectural wonders, amazing museums and exciting art galleries is an opportunity wasted. You’re also more than likely to find everything that you desire in terms of sleeping – right from 5 star deluxe resorts to short term apartment rentals.

OROGOLD Barcelona

The shopping opportunities offered to tourists in Barcelona is even more exciting. The city is home to all sorts of shops – luxury brands, world famous designers, local giants and unknown wonders. One of the many luxury stores in Barcelona is the OROGOLD Barcelona Store. The OROGOLD Store is located right below Hotel Regente in the La Rambla. The La Rambla is a 1.2km boulevard that is believed to be the most popular attraction of Barcelona. It is believed to be a place where people can spend their leisure time and it is also full of all sorts of hotels, restaurants and cafes. The steady stream of tourists ensures that the La Rambla always offers a happy and jovial atmosphere and the vast variety of stores ensure that there is no shortage of shopping opportunities along the La Rambla.

OROGOLD in Barcelona, Spain

The OROGOLD Barcelona Store has been built in accordance to the OROGOLD store design. It features the same white opulence color and the black and gold decors that the brand has become famous for. However, what makes OROGOLD Barcelona different from the rest is that it is much more intimate. It offers luxurious chairs and sofas for customers to be seated and try out the various skin care products for free, highly trained skin specialists who advise customers on which products suit their skin the best and a VIP corner for customers to try out free facials using the best and latest OROGOLD collections.

The OROGOLD experience is not just about offering you with the most luxurious products, it is also about offering you a luxurious in-store experience with over-the-top services, friendly personnel, freebies and exciting giveaways; something that the OROGOLD Barcelona Store excels at.

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