About Spain

About Spain

First time visitors to Spain should remember that the country can turn into an addiction almost instantly. You might be in the country for a simple break, but you might end up getting hooked onto something entirely different – a wild celebration, a magnificent festival, the surreal architecture, the breathtaking natural beauty, the rich history and culture – the options are endless. Spain offers tourists with attractions and vistas at every turn, whether they’re in major cities like Madrid and Barcelona or are enjoying the beautiful landscapes of the central plains.

When it comes to the things to do in Spain, the options are endless. From splendid cuisines and age old museums to an exciting beach culture and contemporary art, from spicy flamenco dancers and their scintillating moves to unique architectural gems, any trip to Spain is like remembering the time you fell in love for the first time all over again. Apart from the beaches, mountains, history and art, Spain also offers a plethora of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, world famous fiestas and a spectacular nightlife.

The architectural heritage that Spain has to offer offers a splendid reminder of the country’s imperial presence in the Middle Ages. Many of the historical sites are also known to contain remains from the Great Roman Empire. The Spanish are also known to be extremely proud of their heritage and friendly. They love to share their experiences and knowledge with tourists and help them around the city.

In the food and wine department, Spain has created a major storm across the world. Whether you’re looking for tasty dishes or classy cocktails, there is always something to loosen your belt buckles for. What makes it even more spicy is the fact that Spain is home to the largest number of Michelin starred restaurants in the world. The Spanish wine might not be as popular as its cousins from Italy and France, but it has definitely grown in leaps and bounds over the years. Try out the Sherry or the Rioja wines while in Spain and don’t forget to pair them with cheese and Spanish olives.

Another advantage of traveling to Spain is that its overland transportation system is well structured, safe, modern and efficient. Long distance buses are the cheapest way to travel over long distances, but trains, self driven cars and flights are pretty common as well. The best way to explore the country is to base yourself in Barcelona or Madrid and plan the sites that you want to visit. Remember, there is way too much to see and do. So unless you want to spend a year exploring Spain, there is no way you’re going to see it all.

Some of the main highlights of a journey to Spain include the Palacio Real in Madrid, the bulls of Pamplona, the beautifully preserved Roman aqueduct in Segovia, the monastery in El Escorial, Gaudi’s breathtaking designs in Barcelona, and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Most tourists might be visiting Spain for things like its cities, museums, landscapes, wildlife, history, architecture and art, but each and every one is more than likely to end up falling in love with its everyday lifestyle, undulating energy, sexy people and pulsating atmosphere.

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