Essential Things About Barcelona That People Must Know Before Visiting

View Of The City

Barcelona is a unique spot that has its distinct identity. It is certainly different from rest of the country. People could have a great stay at the Catalan capital if they know about certain things here. So, whether they want to visit the beach, or they want to wade through the sea of humanity at the local market, here are some of the things that they all must keep in mind in order to have great time in Barcelona.

Barcelona Is Not So Much A Part Of Spain

The first and foremost thing that visitors must know about Barcelona is that people don’t regard Barcelona as a part of Spain; rather, they take pride in calling themselves Catalonian. The place has rich cultural and historical heritage, its own distinct language, extraordinary cuisine, and strong ethics. So, Catalans love to present their culture, and get infuriated when they are equated with other cities in Spain. In fact, people here have been demanding independence, and they have firm belief that they can do much better if they are made independent.

Catalan Is The Official Language Of Catalonians

Another intriguing fact about Barcelona is that the official language of the place is Catalan and not Spanish. Although, a majority of people speak Spanish here; still, the official language remains Catalan. Moreover, Catalan is not a dialect, as it is imagined by some people; rather, it is a full-fledged language that has elements taken from Spanish, French, and Italian.

In fact, the language is a great uniting factor here, since the place was once ruled by Franco who completely banned the use of Catalan language. So, the revival of the language was a great step that happened after the death of Franco, and, since then, the Catalonians have done their best to revive their language.

Barcelona Is Not Seville            

Well, most of the visitors come to Barcelona with the image of what happens in other parts of Spain, especially Seville. For instance, they have the image of bull fights, paella feasts, flamenco fiestas, etc. in their mind when they visit Barcelona. However, nothing of this sort happens in Catalonia, and these things are mainly found in other cities, especially Seville. Although people are able to locate such things here; still, this is not what Catalans love or promote.

A Lot Of Celebrations Occur In Barcelona

Barcelona has a unique culture, and quite rich historical and cultural heritage; so, people take pride in celebrating their festivals. The whole atmosphere is pulsating with energy during the festive season. There are all sorts of street barbecue parties, etc. that are organised to celebrate various seasons and festivals.

Barcelona Is Not Solely A Tourist Destination

Well, while most of the people know that Barcelona is inhabited by people; there are some tourists who simply fail to notice this. They come here with the view of enjoying and having the best moment of their lives. They are too enchanted to witness the culture and tradition here that they take the locals for granted. So, in order to improve contact with the local people one must try to understand their feelings, etc. and learn some basic words of their language as well.

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