Finding Flawless Ways to Spend Quality Time In Barcelona

View Of Barcelona

Barcelona is an ultimate destination that offers unlimited fun and entertainment to the tourists. The visitors here are always mesmerized by its natural beauty and vibrant atmosphere. Moreover, knowledge about Barcelona can go a long way in ensuring that one spends quality time here. So, here are some of the options in which one could spend a day in the best possible manner.

Carretera De Les Aigues- For Morning Run

The first thing to do in the morning in Barcelona is to go for a run, and Carretera de les Aigues is a great running path that offers breathtaking views of Barcelona. The stunning views of Barcelona’s skyline extend till Mediterranean and are a treat to watch. Other things that are quite visible from this spot are Camp Nou, Sagrada Familia, and W Hotel, which is an unmistakable spot in Barcelona.

Animal Coffee Bar- For Rejuvenating Coffee

Animal Coffee Bar is arguably among the best locations in Barcelona offering perfectly prepared coffee. Every beverage is painstakingly prepared using fresh milk and immaculately roasted Nomad Coffee beans. The posh interiors further heighten the experience of sipping one’s coffee here. The whole experience is simply unsurpassed.

Carrer De Verdi- For Shopping

Carrer de Verdi is one of the eccentric streets in Gracia, which is flanked by trees. There is a dazzling array of shops here that offer great shopping experience, as there are shops selling purses, jewellery, and other accessories, like scarves, etc. Moreover, there is the Placa de la Vila de Gracia, which is a great location to sit and absorb the essence of Barcelona. The place offers a great chance to witness the busy life of people here in Barcelona.


Hitting the beach is one of the most popular and refreshing ways that people adopt in Barcelona. The views of the Mediterranean are stunning. One feels completely transfixed by the natural beauty here. There are a number of beaches here; however, they are crowded on busy days. So, it is always better to head towards other pristine beaches in the vicinity of Barcelona that offer peaceful and tranquil environment to the visitors.

Eclipse- For Drinks

There are a number of prime locations to have drinks in Barcelona, but, W Hotel’s rooftop bar called Eclipse is decidedly among the best locations. The place offers incredible views of Barcelona, the views of sun setting in the distance and lights coming up all over in Barcelona are simply stunning.

Estel De Gracia- For Food

Estel de Gracia is the perfect spot to enjoy most delicious, sumptuous, and mouth-watering dinner. The dishes here are done to perfection, and represent the unique culture of Spain. There is a great variety of dishes as well desserts that are offered here. The most popular dish of the locals is chocolate coulant.

So, the best part of visiting Barcelona is that there is a dazzling array of options available with the visitors. They don’t have to compromise with anything, since they are assured of the superior quality of products and services in Barcelona. Perhaps, this is the reason why Barcelona is among the most favourite tourist destinations in the world.

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