Amazingly Refreshing And Rejuvenating Things To Do In Barcelona

View Of Las Ramblas Street

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Barcelona entrances the visitors as soon as they witness its immaculate beauty. The place is full of unique, labyrinthine streets. Moreover, the buildings exhibit great architecture and are a treat to watch. Apart from this, there is a dazzling array of glistening beaches that completely mesmerize the people. So, there are a number of refreshing and rejuvenating things that a person could do while in Barcelona.

Hiking On Carretera De Les Aigues

Hiking on Carretera de les aigues not only offers a great exercise for the body but also exalts one’s mind by offering breathtaking views of the city. One also gets to see glimpses of famous football stadium called Camp Nou. And, football fanatics too have a reason to traverse the path as they could get glimpses of their favourite football stars homes, like Pique’s and Shakira’s princely homes.

Park Guell

Visit to Park Guell would leave one completely elevated. Moreover, the park also offers breathtaking views of Mediterranean and the city. The place has architect Gaudi’s amazing works. There is a peculiar history of the park as it was meant to be exclusive residential place for the wealthy people of Catalan. Moreover, the place was also the personal favourite of Gaudi as he himself resided in the place.

Visiting The Cleanest Beaches

Beaches in Barcelona are always teeming with enthusiastic people who are out there to bath under the sun. One could simply witness the lively crowd or take bath as well. The beaches towards the north are the cleanest like Bogatell, Nova Icaria, Llevant, and Mar Bella, to name a few. The best part is that all these beaches are easily accessible on foot by simply embarking upon the beach boardwalk.

Carmel Bunkers

Carmel Bunkers were built in 1937 when Spanish Civil War took place. Though there were some makeshift homes built by homeless population there after that, the place is now completely deserted but an ideal place to soak in spectacular views of Barcelona.


Gracia is in close proximity to Barcelona but the place has starkly different characteristics. The place is a must to visit for the people who love to revel in their solitude and like to immerse in the peculiar environment of small town. It is a haven for the arts lovers as they could discover great artworks of Gaudi here. They could always visit Casa Viens, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and is a treat to watch.

Parc Ciutadella

Parc Ciutadella is decidedly the best place to visit in Barcelona, especially on a sunny day. The place extends to 18 hectares and offers perfectly idyllic environment. The atmosphere here is completely serene and tranquil. There is a dazzling array of calming and comforting spots including palm trees, green houses, fruit orchards, boating lakes, a water fountain, a zoo, and the exclusive Arc deTriomf.

Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas is indisputably the most popular street in the city. The 1.2 km long boulevard extends from Placa Catalunya towards the port. There is a dazzling array of shops and restaurants here including La Boqueria Food Market, Boades Cocktail Bar, Placa Reial, and Font de Canaletes, to name a few.

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