Unearthing Spots In Barcelona Offering Unimaginable Views Of The City

View Of MNAC Museum

Barcelona is a bustling place in Spain that attracts a sea of humanity every year. People are enchanted by the Catalan culture and the vibrant atmosphere in the city. And, the city has a lot to offer to all the creative and fun-loving people. And, there are some great spots in Barcelona that offer incredible views of the city. Some of these spots which are simply a treat to explore are included here.

Mirador De L’alcalde Or The Mayor’s Lookout

Mirardor de l’Alcalde is inarguably the best spot in the beautiful Montjuic from where one could capture stunning views of Barcelona. This spot is famously called ‘balcony over the Mediterranean,’ and one gets a chance to see breathtaking views of the city as well as the harbour. The experience of visiting the spot is simply unsurpassed.

MNAC Museum

A visit to MNAC Museum leaves one completely reinvigorated. Besides learning about the great Gothic and Romanesque art one gets to see spectacular views of the city from the top.

The Magic Fountain- Montjuic

The Magic Fountain attracts a sizeable proportion of visitors, who are invariably entranced by the compelling light and music show here. The coloured water of fountain has an instant soothing effect on the visitors. Once here, one could capture great views of the surroundings including Placa Espanya, and the whole city being lit up in the backdrop.

Santa Maria Del Pi

People are invariably astonished to get great 360 degree views of the city from the basilica of Santa Maria Del Pi, situated in the Gothic Quarter. So, it is worth covering 269 steps to reach the top, as one is greeted with magnificent views of the city from there. The intriguing aspect is though millions of people visit the unmistakable basilica here, which is very popular indeed; very few of them climb to the top.

Columbus Monument

Similarly, Columbus Monument is a frequently visited destination, but few people take the lift to get to the top of the monument in order to locate some stunning views of Barcelona and Port. The whole experience of watching the city spread out in front is simply stunning.

From The Sea

One gets to see completely different views of the city from the sea. So, one should take the sail tours that take one into the Mediterranean, and look back at the city and cherish exhilarating views from there.

Cable Car

Taking the Cable Car in Barcelona is perhaps the best way of getting stunning views of the city. So, one could take the cable car to Montjuic from Port Vell. People need to be patient though as it gets crowded there. Still, the wait is worth as one is rewarded with unforgettable views of the city from the top.

Park Guell

Park Guell is a great creation of Gaudi which is admired by millions of people worldwide. The experience of visiting the monumental area here is simply magical. One gets breathtaking views of the surroundings by sitting at the curved benches here. And, if one makes haste and gets here earlier, then the whole experience of cherishing the beautiful architecture of the building, along with the stunning views of the city is simply surreal.

Exploring Top Class Buildings In Barcelona Designed By Gaudi

View Of Barcelona

Barcelona has always been a magnet attracting millions of tourists every year, simply because it offers a great mix of culture and fun in a truly modern setting. Besides, the adorable markets and musical environment of the city there is a dazzling array of attractive buildings that are a treat to watch. And, Antoni Gaudi, the famous architect, has a lot of influence over the city, as he was instrumental in designing some of the well known iconic buildings in Barcelona. He was a gifted and talented architect who gave Barcelona some great creative buildings. Tourists could identify great Gaudi buildings in Barcelona after they begin to understand his creative genius. So, here are top class buildings in Barcelona that were designed by Gaudi.

Casa Vicens

Casa Vicens is one of those projects of Gaudi that he prepared for the wealthy aristocratic families in Barcelona. It got built in around six years starting from 1888. It is an imaginary and thoroughly creative residential project that has beautiful ceramic decorations. Moreover, there are traces of Islamic architecture as well in some of the rooms of the building.

La Pedrera

La Pedrera symbolizes one of those rarest creations of Gaudi that immortalized him. This imaginative house is one of the rarest of its kind in architecture’s history. In fact, the popularity of this building can be gauged from the fact that it was recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1984.

Parc Guell

Again, Parc Guell has also been included in the World Heritage sites by UNESCO. The façade of most of the building is ‘trencadis,’ implying ceramic pieces have been used to cover the surfaces at times. Tourists are invariably amazed by serpentine shapes in the terrace and the colonnaded hall. The park offers a great site for enjoying the great artwork as well as the natural beauty of the area.

Palau Guell

Palau Guell has sober façade which is quite unlike the ones designed by Gaudi. However, the roof and the interior are easily seen to have the Gaudi effect. The design is spellbinding as one could see the roof counts that are full of conical vents and chimneys that resemble fir trees.

Colonia Guell

It took Gaudi around 26 years to complete this amazing oval church. Five aisles characterize the interior of this crypt. There are the unmistakable four cardinal virtues that are depicted by ceramic composition. Tourists invariably love the archaic appearance of the church which is lent by basaltic stone bricks that are adorned with mosaics.

Casa Batllo

Casa Batllo got built in 1877 when Gaudi made it with the aim of representing the Modernist art, as there are a lot of stone, ceramics, and forged iron used in the construction. It was one of the most unconventional buildings of its times; however, Barcelona City Council appreciated the innovative style of Gaudi and bestowed it with the best building of the year award once.

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia is one of the most idealistic works of Gaudi. Its construction started in 1892, and is expected to continue till 2030. One could either climb its tower to witness sweeping views of the city, or take one of those popular audio tours of the church.

Unearthing Barcelona’s Great Day Trips That Nature Lovers Should Never Miss

Amazing View Of Lake Of Banyoles

Barcelona has a great variety of tourist attractions to offer. The city is always teeming with visitors who are mesmerized by the pulsating vibe of the city. The atmosphere is always lively and entertaining. However, if tourists are looking for a break from this routine in order to have some quiet moments of meditation, then they could always embark upon some great day trips that are full of unlimited opportunities to get the most sought after respite from the city life. Here are some of the spots that tourists could visit.

Lake Of Banyoles

Lake of Banyoles is quite large and is suitable for jogging, walking, and even swimming. Visitors could also explore the option of fishing, kayaking, or canoeing as well. Moreover, the old town of Banyoles is as charming as the lake; so, tourists could always head towards the tranquil town to get some moments of tranquillity there as well.

Sant Jeroni

Sant Jeroni is easily accessible via Montserrat, which is, in turn, an hour ride from the city. Further, it takes 2 hour of hiking to reach Sant Jeroni Peak, which is at the height of 1236 metre. However, the hike is worthwhile since one gets to see amazing 360 degree of the countryside. The atmosphere is simply surreal. Moreover, the town of Montserrat is worth exploring as well, especially the choir performance by the talented boys there.


Berga is another great spot that offers welcome respite to the tourists from hectic life of the city. Moreover, one could hike up to the gorgeous Queralt Mountain from here. The hike not only offers a chance to tourists to get in some fresh air but also offers great views of green mountains and terra-cotta roofs that could be seen in the valleys.

La Fageda

La Fageda is a great location to visit as well, since it abounds in nature’s beauty. Tourists are invariably amazed to see unique beach forests here which grow at very low altitude. Moreover, the view of red leaves on trees is simply stunning in the fall. The best part is that there is no pollution as no cars are allowed here. So, one could explore the pristine beauty of the forests by hiking, biking, or by getting onto the horsebacks. Adventure loving people could further go beyond La Fageda in order to explore other scintillating areas in the vicinity like La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park, and the old town of Sant Feliu de Pallerols.


Cadaques is a great scenic and fishing village located in the vicinity of Barcelona. It has the unmistakable Cap de Creus lighthouse that offers spectacular views of the ocean. Moreover, there is a dazzling array of restaurants as well that offer sumptuous food to the hungry visitors.

Costa Brava

Costa Brava is a great spot that is characterized by hidden coves, beaches, and breathtaking coastal views. There is the 220 km well-marked trail, which is known by many names like Costa Brava Way, Camino de Ronda, and GR-92. Tourists are invariably amazed to embark upon the coastal hikes that abound in natural beauty.

Exploring Topmost Museums In Barcelona Offering Great Experience

View Of Museum Of History Palau De Mar

Barcelona is a great spot in Spain which is the hub of cultural activity. The place has a rich cultural heritage, and understandably, there is a dazzling array of great museums and galleries here. The appealing part is that the museums are based upon a number of themes and subjects including science, sports, history, architecture, maritime, and war, to name a few. So, tourists are always stunned by the variety of museums they get to see here. So, here is a list of some of the most popular museums in Barcelona offering great experience to tourists.

Museu Del Temple Expiatori De La Sagrada Familia

Antoni Gaudi was a legend who had a remarkable influence on the architectural scene of Barcelona. And, among his greatest creations is ‘Sagrada Familia,’ which is a giant Basilica. The building has a great record in terms of the number of visitors visiting it, as over 2 million visitors visit this spot in a year. This makes it the most visited spot in entire Barcelona. The museum is located inside the building itself, and tells in great detail about the history as well as the development of Sagrada Familia, besides telling a lot about the great architect Gaudi.

La Pedrera

La Pedrera is another astonishing creation of Gaudi, and people love to visit this spot as well. In fact, it comes at the 2nd position in terms of most visited museums in Barcelona. The museum is a unique and intriguing apartment building actually. There is a dazzling array of renaissance drawings here, along with excellent modern art paintings.

FC Barcelona Football Club Museum

The museum comes at the 4th position when one talks about the most visited museums in Barcelona. It has a great range of sporting artefacts. The best part is that the collections here are as old as 100 years. So, one get a great insight into the sporting artefacts in earlier times. The best part is that one could always opt for a second type of admission ticket, which enables a person to not only have unlimited access to the museum as well as the pitch area but also have a guided tour, wherein an expert guide takes a person through press rooms, changing rooms, and VIP lounge. Also, one could see the pitch clearly from the ground level.

Barcelona Centre Of Contemporary Culture

Barcelona Centre Of Contemporary Culture is also among the popular museums in Barcelona. People love to visit the museum since they get to see a wide range of regular exhibitions here that showcase a great range of artworks including paintings, frescoes, sculptures, and photos. The best part is that all these artefacts are collected from various parts of the world, and they beautifully represent various periods of history.

Museum D’ Historia De Catalunya

Museum d’ Historia de Catalunya is a great museum to visit for all those history lovers who are enchanted with the idea of exploring the rich history of Catalunya. There is a great variety of appealing exhibits that represent various phases of Catalunya’s history. The best part is that the authorities here are striving hard to provide a number of interactive exhibits which allows tourists to learn in an engaging manner.

Top-Class Galleries And Museums In Barcelona That Are A Must To Visit

View Of National Art Museum of Catalonia

Barcelona is a great place to visit as it has a number of options for spending great and memorable time here. It showcases the unique Catalan culture, and is home to a number of architectural delights. Tourists are overwhelmed by the design and architecture of the buildings and places here. Moreover, the art scene of the area is well-developed as people are crazy for arts here. From elevating musical performances, to great street arts that is ubiquitous everywhere, one could certainly say that the place excels in the arts scene in the entire world. Here is a list of some of the topmost galleries and museums in Barcelona that offer great fun to the lovers of arts.


CaixaForum is a great gallery that displays a wide range of private collection of the modern contemporary art. Temporary exhibitions are frequently organised here by the Caixa building society. So, people are always greeted with something new every time they visit the gallery. There are permanent exhibits as well, though, and the famous ones among those are Miquel Barcelo and Antoni Tapies, to name a few. It is a modernista structure that is beautiful designed by Puig I Cadafalch.

Museu Picasso

Museu Picasso is the most frequently visited museum of Barcelona. This popularity of the museum is attributed to a wide range of artefacts available here. There is a dazzling array of pieces showcasing great history of the place. For instance, there is the canvass ‘The Defenceless,’ which represents the true essence of the Blue Period. Moreover, there are all sorts of ceramics and other works dating back to 1890s.

However, the primary aim of the museum is to showcase the works of Picasso. There are artworks exhibiting his life as well as travels. The first floor of the museum is devoted entirely to ‘Blue Period’ of Picasso. And then, the second floor is solely dedicated to showing his ‘impressionist-influenced works.’ Tourists are always mesmerized to see a great variety of work including ‘Portrait of Senora Canals,’ which is taken from Rose Period.

Fundacio Joan Miro

The building is beautifully designed by Joseph Lluis Sert, who was the friend of Miro. There is a great use of light and white, which offers tourists a truly unforgettable experience. Besides Miro’s works there is a great range of artefacts from the contemporary artists as well. The focus is on Miro’s work primarily, and that too on the works he produced in the last 20 years of his life. However, there are works that were produced by him in his youth including the incredible ‘The Sala Joan Prats.’ Moreover, there is an entire section which is devoted to showing sketches and drawings of Miro. The amazing part is that some of the drawings are even made on cigarette packets or bits of newspapers.

Museu d’Art Contemporani De Barcelona

The museum shows the best contemporary art pertaining to Spanish and Catalan culture. There is a great collection of artworks here, including the works of Antoni Tapies, Alexander Calder, Miquel Barcelo, and Garcia Sevilla, to name a few.

Exploring The Sailing Trips From Barcelona That Offer Extremely Exhilarating Experience

Beautiful View Of Barcelona

Barcelona is a heaven for visitors since they are invariably mesmerized by its exceptional beauty and charms. The place has always attracted millions of tourists worldwide because of its magnetism. While there are some amazing choices with people to see a number of spots in Barcelona, they could always exercise the option of embarking upon a sailing trip from Barcelona that offers them unlimited fun and recreation. Apart from this, the tranquillity of the Mediterranean sea is bound to overpower the visitors completely, as they couldn’t help but gape in astonishment at the wide expanse in front of their eyes, the beautiful expanse of incredibly amazing water.

Incredible Boats

It seems people in Barcelona are crazy about the designs and architecture of the buildings and things. And, this craze is clearly exhibited in the way the sailing boat is adorned with beautiful sails and furniture. Moreover, seemingly fragile looking boats are capable of withstanding wildest tides and ocean’s fury. So, one gets to travel in sleek and elegant boats that take them deep into the calmest water of the ocean. Among the great variety of sailboats that one could choose from are jet-skis, powerboats, modern racing yachts, to name a few. So, one could opt for one according to their mood and company.

Hypnotic Environment

Tourists are always entranced by the magnetic aura and scintillating charm of the Mediterranean Sea while travelling on their sail boat. After initial hiccups where they acclimatize themselves with the ripples, etc. in the water, they seem to fall in love with the sailing trips since they get great opportunities to commune with nature. The vast ocean that lays spread in front of them offers them a great chance of understanding about the brevity of their life, and permanence of nature. The beauty of the place has always had hypnotizing effect on the travellers. The cool breeze, the great sunshine, and some marvellous people on board the sailboat offer unforgettable experience to the visitors.

Suitable For Everyone

These sailing trips that take one deep into the ocean are suitable for everyone. While the first time sailors enjoy the thrill of getting onboard the sailboat, the experienced sea dogs too have plenty of reasons to appreciate their ride deep into the ocean. Not only is the environment extremely electrifying, but the atmosphere onboard as well is equally adventurous. Children love to enjoy the cool breeze while shouting at the pitch of their voices; and elders too find a way to completely reinvigorate themselves. Moreover, it is a never-to-miss adventure for couples since the romance is in the air. They could always understand each other better while traversing through the pleasant water.

Exceptional Architectural Sites

While travelling on the sailboat and getting deep into the sea, one gets a chance to look back and savour the great architectural sites, including Torre Agbar Tower, Montjuic Mountain, and the famed Sagrada Familia by Gaudi. Moreover, the skyline of the city when seen from the sailboat is equally enchanting. The view from the sea is really entrancing.

Incredibly Amazing Options Of Spending A Lazy Sunday In Barcelona

View Of Park Guell In Barcelona

Barcelona is a happening place that attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. There is a dazzling array of shops, cafes, restaurants, musical performances, dance shows, etc. everywhere in the city that make the environment lively. And, the best thing is that the tourists could enjoy incredibly amazing options of spending their time each day of the week, including Sundays. Here is a list of things that tourists could engage themselves in on a lazy Sunday.

Visit The Beach

The shops in the city are closed on Sundays in Barcelona but the city is always pulsating with energy. Most of the visitors opt to visit the beach on a lazy and relaxed Sunday since the beaches in Barcelona are naturally beautiful and adventurous. There is a whole rush of people, and the cool breeze offers rejuvenating experience. Moreover, for the tourists looking for a quiet experience at the beach should opt for visiting the beaches in the vicinity of Barcelona, including the beaches at Mar Bella and Nova Icaria. Moreover, for the tourists willing to go further away from Barcelona, could actually relish in some other beautiful beaches like Tarragona, Sitges, Castelldefells, to name but a few.

Shop At Maremagnum

The locals are definitely aware of this secret that the shops at Maremagnum are never closed on Sundays, or any other day of the year for that matter; this is the reason the place attracts a lot of locals as they could find ample time for shopping. However, tourists too could be guided appropriately to visit this huge mall that is full of restaurants, a wide range of shops, and an incredibly big cinema.

Visit The Famous Tourist Spots

Being a tourist one must know how to organise their time effectively. Sundays could definitely be spared for sightseeing. So, one should plan such things as picnic on Sundays along with their family members in order to enjoy the natural scenic beauty of the place, and click some stunning pictures. Apart from this, one could devote some time to witness and acknowledge the beautiful architecture of the buildings in Barcelona. Gaudi’s impact on the architectural style of the buildings is quite palpable all over the city. Also, tourists are particularly enchanted to visit the museums on Sundays, since they offer a relaxed and laid-back environment that perfectly suits the mood of the people who are out to enjoy a lazy Sunday.

Savour Water Activities

Another equally enchanting option of utilizing a Sunday is to engage in various sorts of water activities. There is a wide range of water activities available for the tourists. Apart from this, people could simply take a boat on rent and sail towards the glittering waters of gorgeous Mediterranean Sea. Moreover, one could also witness the breathtaking views of Catalonia’s coastline from here.

Experience The Street Tours Of Barcelona

Another intriguing way of making the most of one’s time is to experience the street tours of Barcelona, which provide thoroughly refreshing and elevating experience. The graffiti and the street art exhibit the talent and ingenuity of the gifted artists. This tour definitely offers a unique experience.

Making The Most Of The Time When On Holiday In Barcelona With Children

Thousands Of People Walk Daily By This Popular Pedestrian Area

lornet / Shutterstock.com

If you love Barcelona when on an “adult holiday” then you will still love it when you bring the kids with you on your next visit; they will love it too. One thing you will not is that it is possible to engage in some grown-up fun without having to leave the children behind. It is common to find parents have small talk and sipping beers on a terrace as they watch the kids play around. Here are some of the things you can do to make the most of the holiday time when in Barcelona with the kids.

La Rambla

The La Rambla is as much a spectacle for the visitors as it is for the locals. Street performances held on a pedestrian boulevard run through the day and into the night. Acts include flame throwers, fire-eaters, human statues, and flamenco dancers among others. It is a place filled with free family entertainment.

Bird’s-Eye Barcelona

If your kids do not fear heights, then taken them atop the Monument a Colom where they can have a spectacular view of the city below and the harbor. Alternatively, you can opt to take them on a Transbordador Aeir Cable ride. The cable cars roles over the city to the harbor; the ride connects La Barceloneta with Montjuïc

Water World

The good thing about water world is you do not have to worry about the kids getting wet. They will go crazy as they have fun taking part in various activities such as playing in the carousel or getting into the prototype submarine. The Water World is home to thousands of fish and an 80m long aquarium, which is a shark tunnel.

Fun Museum

Museum may be an adult’s idea of fun, but there are several museums that also pay attention to children. Such museums offer educational exhibits in a fun way that captures the kids’ imagination. For creepy wax statues, chocolaty artworks, and cool audiovisual displays to education shows and children workshops, the Museu Maritim is where parents take their kids to learn and have fun.

Parc D’atraccions

A Ferris wheel ride and a scary horror house are examples of the twisted fun and scary things that the Parc d’Atraccions has in store for all visitors. The kids will either love the scary fun or be utterly dismayed, which might also happen to most adults. The Hotel Kruger is a horror house with ghouls and leaping ghosts that make hairs stand with fear.

Make A Splash

The Barcelona beach is one place that offers loads of fun activities under the sun. From sunbathing, building castles, and play beach games, to taking a dip in the seas; the beach is a fun place where the kids and let loose and make a splash. If you find the beach too crowded, and your family is in the mood of getting wet and having fun in the water, then head to any of the city’s pools.

A Day At Park Güell

After a few days of touring and sightseeing, the children may not be in the mood for too much travel though they would still love to be out of the hotel room. Take them to the park for a picnic and relaxation. The older kids will be intrigued by the weirdness of the park, and the energetic toddlers will love play in the vast grassland and playgrounds.