Unearthing Spots In Barcelona Offering Unimaginable Views Of The City

View Of MNAC Museum

Barcelona is a bustling place in Spain that attracts a sea of humanity every year. People are enchanted by the Catalan culture and the vibrant atmosphere in the city. And, the city has a lot to offer to all the creative and fun-loving people. And, there are some great spots in Barcelona that offer incredible views of the city. Some of these spots which are simply a treat to explore are included here.

Mirador De L’alcalde Or The Mayor’s Lookout

Mirardor de l’Alcalde is inarguably the best spot in the beautiful Montjuic from where one could capture stunning views of Barcelona. This spot is famously called ‘balcony over the Mediterranean,’ and one gets a chance to see breathtaking views of the city as well as the harbour. The experience of visiting the spot is simply unsurpassed.

MNAC Museum

A visit to MNAC Museum leaves one completely reinvigorated. Besides learning about the great Gothic and Romanesque art one gets to see spectacular views of the city from the top.

The Magic Fountain- Montjuic

The Magic Fountain attracts a sizeable proportion of visitors, who are invariably entranced by the compelling light and music show here. The coloured water of fountain has an instant soothing effect on the visitors. Once here, one could capture great views of the surroundings including Placa Espanya, and the whole city being lit up in the backdrop.

Santa Maria Del Pi

People are invariably astonished to get great 360 degree views of the city from the basilica of Santa Maria Del Pi, situated in the Gothic Quarter. So, it is worth covering 269 steps to reach the top, as one is greeted with magnificent views of the city from there. The intriguing aspect is though millions of people visit the unmistakable basilica here, which is very popular indeed; very few of them climb to the top.

Columbus Monument

Similarly, Columbus Monument is a frequently visited destination, but few people take the lift to get to the top of the monument in order to locate some stunning views of Barcelona and Port. The whole experience of watching the city spread out in front is simply stunning.

From The Sea

One gets to see completely different views of the city from the sea. So, one should take the sail tours that take one into the Mediterranean, and look back at the city and cherish exhilarating views from there.

Cable Car

Taking the Cable Car in Barcelona is perhaps the best way of getting stunning views of the city. So, one could take the cable car to Montjuic from Port Vell. People need to be patient though as it gets crowded there. Still, the wait is worth as one is rewarded with unforgettable views of the city from the top.

Park Guell

Park Guell is a great creation of Gaudi which is admired by millions of people worldwide. The experience of visiting the monumental area here is simply magical. One gets breathtaking views of the surroundings by sitting at the curved benches here. And, if one makes haste and gets here earlier, then the whole experience of cherishing the beautiful architecture of the building, along with the stunning views of the city is simply surreal.