Exploring Topmost Museums In Barcelona Offering Great Experience

View Of Museum Of History Palau De Mar

Barcelona is a great spot in Spain which is the hub of cultural activity. The place has a rich cultural heritage, and understandably, there is a dazzling array of great museums and galleries here. The appealing part is that the museums are based upon a number of themes and subjects including science, sports, history, architecture, maritime, and war, to name a few. So, tourists are always stunned by the variety of museums they get to see here. So, here is a list of some of the most popular museums in Barcelona offering great experience to tourists.

Museu Del Temple Expiatori De La Sagrada Familia

Antoni Gaudi was a legend who had a remarkable influence on the architectural scene of Barcelona. And, among his greatest creations is ‘Sagrada Familia,’ which is a giant Basilica. The building has a great record in terms of the number of visitors visiting it, as over 2 million visitors visit this spot in a year. This makes it the most visited spot in entire Barcelona. The museum is located inside the building itself, and tells in great detail about the history as well as the development of Sagrada Familia, besides telling a lot about the great architect Gaudi.

La Pedrera

La Pedrera is another astonishing creation of Gaudi, and people love to visit this spot as well. In fact, it comes at the 2nd position in terms of most visited museums in Barcelona. The museum is a unique and intriguing apartment building actually. There is a dazzling array of renaissance drawings here, along with excellent modern art paintings.

FC Barcelona Football Club Museum

The museum comes at the 4th position when one talks about the most visited museums in Barcelona. It has a great range of sporting artefacts. The best part is that the collections here are as old as 100 years. So, one get a great insight into the sporting artefacts in earlier times. The best part is that one could always opt for a second type of admission ticket, which enables a person to not only have unlimited access to the museum as well as the pitch area but also have a guided tour, wherein an expert guide takes a person through press rooms, changing rooms, and VIP lounge. Also, one could see the pitch clearly from the ground level.

Barcelona Centre Of Contemporary Culture

Barcelona Centre Of Contemporary Culture is also among the popular museums in Barcelona. People love to visit the museum since they get to see a wide range of regular exhibitions here that showcase a great range of artworks including paintings, frescoes, sculptures, and photos. The best part is that all these artefacts are collected from various parts of the world, and they beautifully represent various periods of history.

Museum D’ Historia De Catalunya

Museum d’ Historia de Catalunya is a great museum to visit for all those history lovers who are enchanted with the idea of exploring the rich history of Catalunya. There is a great variety of appealing exhibits that represent various phases of Catalunya’s history. The best part is that the authorities here are striving hard to provide a number of interactive exhibits which allows tourists to learn in an engaging manner.