Top-Class Galleries And Museums In Barcelona That Are A Must To Visit

View Of National Art Museum of Catalonia

Barcelona is a great place to visit as it has a number of options for spending great and memorable time here. It showcases the unique Catalan culture, and is home to a number of architectural delights. Tourists are overwhelmed by the design and architecture of the buildings and places here. Moreover, the art scene of the area is well-developed as people are crazy for arts here. From elevating musical performances, to great street arts that is ubiquitous everywhere, one could certainly say that the place excels in the arts scene in the entire world. Here is a list of some of the topmost galleries and museums in Barcelona that offer great fun to the lovers of arts.


CaixaForum is a great gallery that displays a wide range of private collection of the modern contemporary art. Temporary exhibitions are frequently organised here by the Caixa building society. So, people are always greeted with something new every time they visit the gallery. There are permanent exhibits as well, though, and the famous ones among those are Miquel Barcelo and Antoni Tapies, to name a few. It is a modernista structure that is beautiful designed by Puig I Cadafalch.

Museu Picasso

Museu Picasso is the most frequently visited museum of Barcelona. This popularity of the museum is attributed to a wide range of artefacts available here. There is a dazzling array of pieces showcasing great history of the place. For instance, there is the canvass ‘The Defenceless,’ which represents the true essence of the Blue Period. Moreover, there are all sorts of ceramics and other works dating back to 1890s.

However, the primary aim of the museum is to showcase the works of Picasso. There are artworks exhibiting his life as well as travels. The first floor of the museum is devoted entirely to ‘Blue Period’ of Picasso. And then, the second floor is solely dedicated to showing his ‘impressionist-influenced works.’ Tourists are always mesmerized to see a great variety of work including ‘Portrait of Senora Canals,’ which is taken from Rose Period.

Fundacio Joan Miro

The building is beautifully designed by Joseph Lluis Sert, who was the friend of Miro. There is a great use of light and white, which offers tourists a truly unforgettable experience. Besides Miro’s works there is a great range of artefacts from the contemporary artists as well. The focus is on Miro’s work primarily, and that too on the works he produced in the last 20 years of his life. However, there are works that were produced by him in his youth including the incredible ‘The Sala Joan Prats.’ Moreover, there is an entire section which is devoted to showing sketches and drawings of Miro. The amazing part is that some of the drawings are even made on cigarette packets or bits of newspapers.

Museu d’Art Contemporani De Barcelona

The museum shows the best contemporary art pertaining to Spanish and Catalan culture. There is a great collection of artworks here, including the works of Antoni Tapies, Alexander Calder, Miquel Barcelo, and Garcia Sevilla, to name a few.

Preventing Dandruff the Natural Way

Dandruff is an important threat faced by several people. There are much causes of dandruff. They can be caused by the large amounts of impurities present in the atmosphere and can also be caused by the use of chemical products on the hair. Dandruff occurs when the cells in the scalp become dry, and it turns itchy. Scratching the scalp results in the skin to get rough and, as a result, the hair roots get loosened. Loosening of the scalp means the loosening of the hair roots. This can lead to serious problems such as the loss of hair. Many people lose their hair daily because of their negligence. You must not neglect dandruff and take adequate measures to get rid of them. In this article, we would try to figure out the various natural techniques that can be helpful for fighting dandruff.

In-store view of OROGOLD Barcelona Location

Olive oil

Olive oil is one of the best products of nature that can be very beneficial for fighting scalp problems. Dry scalp is caused because of the lack of water in the scalp cells. Olive oil regulates the water content of the cells and tissues. As a result, the drying of the skin is avoided. Therefore, the problems of dandruff are avoided. In case you are currently facing problems related to dandruff, you can massage lukewarm olive oil onto your scalp for getting the best results.

Lemon Juice

Lemon is one of the most useful products made available by the nature. The juice present inside this fruit is a rich source of Vitamin C, which is a great agent for fighting dandruff. The acetic properties of the lemon kill the pathogens and keep the scalp free of any fungal infection. The dead cells are removed, and new cells are generated, which allows the new hairs to grow.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is another product of nature that is efficient in fighting dandruff. The antibacterial properties of the gel present inside the plant keep the scalp hydrated and nourished from within. As a result, dandruff are been treated with ease. You can mix the Aloe Vera gel with a cup of milk and apply it on the scalp for getting great results.

If you’re looking for more effective results, we suggest you to try visit our Orogold store in Barcelona. You can try out or Orogold range of products for the best skin and hair care.

Skin Benefits of Radish

When it comes to taking care of skin, we often tend to utilize the various chemical products available in the market. We forget about the harmful effects of such products on the skin. On the other hand, our diet chart consists of all the junk fast foods, we can get. In between the lunch break at our office, we settle down for a pizza rather than some healthy food. Therefore, it shows that our lifestyle has undergone some drastic changes.

As a result of it, our health issues are increasing in a constant rate. We are living in such an environment that pollutants are more than oxygen in the air. So, our skin is also facing serious troubles. In such a time, if we do not consider changing our food habits, we would be subjected to face great dangers shortly. Today, we would discuss the vegetable named, radish. Radish is a specific vegetable that is high in nutrients and yields maximum benefits for our skin. Let us look into details for finding out the benefits that we can gain from this particular vegetable.


Hydration of the skin tissues

Radishes are a high source of water. As the vegetable is grown under the ground, its body captures an abundant amount of water. These water levels help to keep our body cells active by keeping them hydrated. The skin attains a natural glow, and thus it stays healthy.

Cleanses the skin from within

If the flesh of this vegetable is smashed and used directly for massaging the skin, the impurities within the pores are removed. Thus, you can attain clear skin. Radishes are the rich source of fiber that detoxifies the blood. As the toxins are removed from the blood, your skin stays healthy and protected.

Skin diseases are prevented

The disinfectant properties of the vegetable keep the skin diseases at bay. In case you are been bitten by any insect, the healing properties of radish can cure the infection instantly.

Protects from sunburn

Radish is also a good source of antioxidants. These antioxidants keep the skin secured from the harmful components present in the atmosphere. It also protects the skin from getting burnt in the solar heat. Thus, the chances of skin cancer are reduced to the minimum.

Radish has a lot to offer to our skin. It helps us to stay fit and keep our skin lively. Do you have radish in your diet yet?

Natural Ways to get Pouty and Fuller Lips

Attractive and fuller lips add dynamism to a ladies’ face and adds in to their sensuality. There are a few who have fuller lips. However, in the event that you don’t, there are numerous common approaches to improving your lips and make them look lovelier and fuller. Attempt these characteristic tips for getting more full and excellent lips.


Exfoliate your lips:
Tenderly brush your lips in a little round movement with a toothbrush this will help in evacuating dead skin of the lips. Rubbing them tenderly will likewise fortify the blood stream, and the lips will be stout characteristically. Apply the lip balm properly on your lips. You can also make a lip scrap very easily. Mix half tablespoon olive oil and two tablespoons brown sugar in a bowl. And then message with this paste gently on your lips for 15-20 minutes and then wash it properly. After that, apply lip balm or lip gloss to make it extra pout and glossy.

Natural Lip plumper:
Take a lip balm and a drop of peppermint oil and mix it well. And apply this paste on your lips. It will increase the natural glow of your lips. Peppermint oil will bring about a touch of shivering sensation to your lips, and they regularly make the lip tissues swell briefly, so take alert while utilizing it and utilize it just in a little amount.

Exercise for naturally pouted lips
There are certain exercises that can help make your lips naturally beautiful. Sulk your lips in front, and then close them abruptly. Keep it shut and changes the lips from left to right. Recap this workout for 8 times a day for good outcomes. Whistling for three to six minutes a day is also a worthy workout to get fuller lips.
Rub a hot pepper on your lips
Take a tiny piece of jalapeno or extra pepper and scrub it over your lips. In an instant or two, your lips will twitch like they do when you eat hot sauce or hot salsa. But don’t try this with other hot peppers because you may not feel comfortable. You can also drop a slight dry pepper powder, such as cayenne, into your lips for a dropping result.

Don’t waste your time and money on harsh and expensive surgical process, lip plumpers and injections. These instructions will confidently help you to get obviously scowled and fuller seeing lips.

Finding the Right Orogold Collection for You

Now that we have distinguished the skin types, it will easier to decide which skin care products from the Orogold range would suit which skin type. Allow us to suggest an Orogold collection for each of the skin types we know.

In-store view of OROGOLD Barcelona Location

Healthy Skin – Healthy skin is very rare to find as it has the right balance of water and lipids in it. We suggest that a woman with healthy skin should use the 24K VitaminC Collection which helps to purify your skin by removing all the dirt, extra oil and make up and leave it refreshed and energized all day long. It contains various powerful antioxidants such as the extracts of Witch Hazel and Tangerine Fruit which help to nourish healthy skin while also reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Oily Skin – Women with oily skin find it most difficult to manage their skin on a regular basis as the extra oil prevents them from looking radiant and beautiful. We at Orogold recommend the 24K Oil-Control Collection to women suffering from oily skin as the name itself suggests that this collections helps you to control the excess oil on the skin. It is specially formulated for oily skin which is acne prone. After deep-cleaning the skin, it also hydrates it while cooling moisture from the serums blend into the skin to give you a youthful complexion.

Dry Skin – Women with dry skin wish to moisturize their skin from deep within and remove the dryness as much as possible. This can be achieved with the 24K Bionic Collection which helps to reveal younger-looking and vibrant skin while enhancing the moisture levels in your skin and giving it a lift. The tired and fatigued looking skin starts feeling rejuvenated. This collection is all that you need for a moisturized and soft look.

Combination Skin – The 24K Multi-Vitamin Collection is the best choice for women with combination skin as the perfect blend of vitamins in this collection helps to control the oily areas and moisturize the dry areas all at the same time. Enriched with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, it is just what you need for the everyday skin care regime. The skin reaps the amazing benefits of all the vitamins infused in this collection.

Sensitive Skin – For sensitive skin, we recommend the 24K Nano Collection which is loaded with Orogold’s signature ingredient Gold and various antioxidants which take care of your sensitivity like no other collection does. It makes the skin look younger and tighter while taking care of the delicate and sensitive areas.