Unravelling Places That Are A Must To Visit In Barcelona

View Of Barcelona

Barcelona is always counted among the best locations in the world, and there are plenty of reasons that prove why the place deserves such praise and admiration of people. To begin with, the atmosphere of the place is so mesmerizing and charming that tourists invariably fall in love with the place as soon as they visit it. People are always intrigued by the live performances and musical shows on the streets everywhere. The warmth and love extended by the locals is simply unimaginable. Besides, there are a number of breathtaking spots in Barcelona that offer ultimate experience to the visitors. So, some of these spots are included here.

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia is among the most unique and famous spots in Barcelona. It is basically an unfinished cathedral that brings about the rich history of the place. Moreover, there is a unique past and future connection that never fails to attract the attention of the curious visitors. And, this is the reason behind its roaring popularity.

Barcelona Cathedral

Barcelona Cathedral is basically ‘The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia’ which has stood its ground since the 13th century. So, one could really expect to explore some of the greatest historical facts after visiting this brilliant spot in Barcelona.


Montserrat has always been the best spot to visit for nature lovers, especially because of the challenges involved in reaching the spot. However, the stunning landscape and pristine beauty of the place make the effort of reaching the spot worthwhile. So, the unparalleled beauty of the area makes it a huge hit among the visitors.

Park Guell

Park Guell has earned a huge popularity among the photographers who are invariably amazed to see the great beauty of Barcelona from this spot. And, thousands of photographers have captured the true essence of Barcelona from this spot. The vivid imagery captured by photographers has now come to associated with the city itself.

Palau Guell

The buildings and architecture in Barcelona is greatly influenced by Gaudi, one of the best architects of all times. And, Palau Guell is one such masterpiece of the great personality. Basically, Gaudi was commissioned by the affluent businessman Eusebi Guell to build a mansion for him. And, Gaudi certainly did his best to create this unimaginable masterpiece.

Arc De Triomf

Triumphal Arches are ubiquitous all over the Europe actually, but this Arc De Triomf in Barcelon certainly surpasses other when it comes to the architectural beauty. So, the spot is worth visiting for tourists.

Casa Mila

Again, Casa Mila is another great creation of Gaudi. It is also called La Pedrera and has always been a great tourist spot ever since Gaudi made it in the 1900s. The best part about the building is its unmistakable modernist architecture.

Gothic Quarter

Visit to Barcelona is never complete without exploring the old part of the city. Gothic Quarter represents that unique part in Barcelona that offer completely different experience to tourists. It is worth getting lost in those labyrinthine streets to discover something great about the place every time one gets lost. One gets to experience the true essence of Barcelona after visiting the spot.

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