Five Things That One Should Never Miss To Do In Barcelona

Center Of Barcelona

Barcelona is a bustling place that attracts a lot of tourists from worldwide. It has great cultural heritage that is too intriguing and captivating. Tourists are always awe-inspired by the natural beauty of the place and the architectural beauty of the buildings. Apart from this, market areas are full of activity as well, and so is the downtown, as there are a number of street plays, and other activities that are held throughout the year. All this proves to be enough to captivate the attention of the tourists. However, there are five things that one should never fail to do in Barcelona, and these things are listed here.

Visit Placa Reial

Place Reial is a dashing square just off the spectacular Las Ramblas. It is a must to visit destination for the tourists since it exhibits the essential essence of Barcelona. There is a great number of bars here along with the best Catalan restaurants in the city. The experience of listening to the great music played by the talented local musicians and artists, and enjoying the cool breeze, and the spectacular sight of palm trees is simply spellbinding. Moreover, to enhance the thrill one could always see some live and sterling Flamenco performances.

Visit El Gotico And El Born

The labyrinthine streets of El Born and El Gotico offer amazingly fresh and exciting experience to the visitors every time they visit the area. They basically emanate the true Spanish culture here, as one stumbles upon some great little cafes, shops, and tapas bars here. These are basically the rustic cities of Spain that remind one of the rich ancient history of the place.

Visit To A Beach

Visit to a beach in Barcelona will infuse one with tremendous energy. There is whole lot of activity going on in the beaches, including the loud music, live performances, and continuous din of the people talking over the loud music. The whole scene is so chaotic and yet so intriguing and appealing. One simply forgets about their worries and tries to get moving in their life by getting inspiration from such lively crowd. Moreover, one could also witness some adventure loving people playing volleyball and other activities on the beach as well.

Witnessing The Breathtaking Views From Rooftop

Well, the architecture and façade of the buildings is so quaint and wonderful, that it is worth getting on the rooftop terrace in order to be a witness to this amazing beauty. So, there are a number of hotels that have beautiful pools on the rooftop terraces, and it is worth booking those hotels to get that amazing and wonderful feel. Or, one could also visit the bars on the rooftop.

Visit To Sitges

There are a number of locations in Barcelona that are a treat to visit; however, the place could get cramped with tourists at times. So, some tourists enjoy visiting adjacent places, and one of the most memorable visits is the one to Sitges, a classy and peaceful town just 20 minutes away from Barcelona. The environment of the place is completely different from Barcelona, which gives tourists a chance to experience something different. Moreover, the place is completely clean and spotless, and there are an amazing number of holiday homes of the famous and rich Spaniards.

Incredibly Amazing Options Of Spending A Lazy Sunday In Barcelona

View Of Park Guell In Barcelona

Barcelona is a happening place that attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. There is a dazzling array of shops, cafes, restaurants, musical performances, dance shows, etc. everywhere in the city that make the environment lively. And, the best thing is that the tourists could enjoy incredibly amazing options of spending their time each day of the week, including Sundays. Here is a list of things that tourists could engage themselves in on a lazy Sunday.

Visit The Beach

The shops in the city are closed on Sundays in Barcelona but the city is always pulsating with energy. Most of the visitors opt to visit the beach on a lazy and relaxed Sunday since the beaches in Barcelona are naturally beautiful and adventurous. There is a whole rush of people, and the cool breeze offers rejuvenating experience. Moreover, for the tourists looking for a quiet experience at the beach should opt for visiting the beaches in the vicinity of Barcelona, including the beaches at Mar Bella and Nova Icaria. Moreover, for the tourists willing to go further away from Barcelona, could actually relish in some other beautiful beaches like Tarragona, Sitges, Castelldefells, to name but a few.

Shop At Maremagnum

The locals are definitely aware of this secret that the shops at Maremagnum are never closed on Sundays, or any other day of the year for that matter; this is the reason the place attracts a lot of locals as they could find ample time for shopping. However, tourists too could be guided appropriately to visit this huge mall that is full of restaurants, a wide range of shops, and an incredibly big cinema.

Visit The Famous Tourist Spots

Being a tourist one must know how to organise their time effectively. Sundays could definitely be spared for sightseeing. So, one should plan such things as picnic on Sundays along with their family members in order to enjoy the natural scenic beauty of the place, and click some stunning pictures. Apart from this, one could devote some time to witness and acknowledge the beautiful architecture of the buildings in Barcelona. Gaudi’s impact on the architectural style of the buildings is quite palpable all over the city. Also, tourists are particularly enchanted to visit the museums on Sundays, since they offer a relaxed and laid-back environment that perfectly suits the mood of the people who are out to enjoy a lazy Sunday.

Savour Water Activities

Another equally enchanting option of utilizing a Sunday is to engage in various sorts of water activities. There is a wide range of water activities available for the tourists. Apart from this, people could simply take a boat on rent and sail towards the glittering waters of gorgeous Mediterranean Sea. Moreover, one could also witness the breathtaking views of Catalonia’s coastline from here.

Experience The Street Tours Of Barcelona

Another intriguing way of making the most of one’s time is to experience the street tours of Barcelona, which provide thoroughly refreshing and elevating experience. The graffiti and the street art exhibit the talent and ingenuity of the gifted artists. This tour definitely offers a unique experience.

Amazing Picnic Spots In Barcelona That Offer Invigorating Experience

View Of Gardens Of Montjuic

Barcelona is a heaven on earth. It is the most amazing place in the whole world that is full of stunning beaches, remarkable natural beauty spots, crowded marketplaces, and bustling areas that are always teeming with tourists. Also, there is no dearth of picnic spots in Barcelona as well. These picnic places are so soothing and tranquil that one feels completely refreshed and rejuvenated. So, here is a list of some of these places that offer invigorating experience.

Gardens Of Montjuic

Gardens Of Montjuic abound in natural beauty as there are a lot of tropical palms and the grassy knolls. Moreover, one could have spectacular views of the city from here. There are a number of shady areas that offer a great respite from the sun, and the cool breeze is really invigorating. Moreover, Jardins de Laribal’s fountains are really refreshing as well.

Parc De Joan Miro

Parc De Joan Miro is named after the Catalan artist who was a surrealist. The place abounds in natural beauty as there are a number of palms, pines, and eucalyptus trees. Moreover, the park has exactly 30 sculptures that exhibit fantastic architectural beauty. The most popular one is the statue called ‘Dona I Ocell’ which is 22 metre in height. The places is befitting for picnic as the relaxing and soothing atmosphere provides by the shady trees, along with the constant chirping of the parakeets is too overwhelming.

Jean Nouvel Park Del Centre Del Poblenou

Jean Nouvel Park Del Centre Del Poblenou is always teeming with locals who never miss a chance to enjoy their time along with their friends and family members in this natural environment. The place is well-maintained as one could find bicycle parking, elegant seating arrangement, petanque pits, ping-pong tables, and a number of games meant for entertaining children. A simple stroll across the park eliminates all sorts of tensions and worries of a person.

Stunning City Beaches By The Mediterranean

If people want to get away from the crowded beaches then they should simply rent a bike to reach the cold and chilled beaches of Mar Bella and Bogatell. Moreover, the bikes are fitted with traditional picnic baskets so that one is able to take their food and other things that they are carrying for the picnic in a hassle free manner.

Cruise Picnics At Sea

There are a number of tour companies offering luxurious and rejuvenating cruise picnics to the people at sea. These cruise picnics are hot favourite among the elites as they couldn’t hold themselves from enjoying the cool breeze at sea, and enjoy the breathtaking views of the city’s glistening coastline.

The Carmel Bunkers

The Carmel Bunkers were built in the past to offer the city protection from its enemies. There are no canons now but the foundations and terraces that used to have canons still offer the ultimate and amazing views of Barcelona and fill people with awe and wonder at its amazing beauty. It is amazing to eat the dishes that one has brought while witnessing the iconic and historic landmarks of Barcelona including Tibidabo, Sagrada Familia, and the Torre Agbar.

Spectacularly Tranquil Beaches In Barcelona’s Vicinity That Are A Must To Visit

View Of Catalan Town

Barcelona is full of life. People are always teeming in the markets here. The atmosphere is always jovial and full of fun. People forget about all their worries in this beautiful place. There are amazing beaches in Barcelona that attract a lot of tourists and locals. However, for those who are looking for tranquillity and serenity, they must visit the beaches in Barcelona’s vicinity as they have that comforting influence and have fewer visitors. One completely rejuvenates himself after visiting these beaches. Some of these beaches that abound in natural beauty are listed here.

Waikiki Beach In Cala Fonda

Waikiki is a beautiful place just 1 hour drive from Barcelona. It is believed to have been discovered by some local youth who visited this secluded place way back in 1930. And, it is also believed that they gave it the name ’Waikiki’ quite similar to Hawaii. The beach has attractive golden sand that is unspoilt and immaculate. Moreover, there are a number of steep cliffs that are decked with greenery all around. It is a befitting place for people looking to refresh themselves and forget about the worries that had been soaking them. Getting here involves taking train and bus ride, and then finally walking amidst the forests. The whole experience of reaching here and spending time here is unsurpassed.

Platja De Castelldefels

Platja De Castelldefels is for those people who are looking to find a beach near the city. The beaches in the city may get overcrowded because tourists flock Barcelona and like to spend time here; however, this beach always seems to have ample space to accommodate any number of tourists, and that is the reason how people are able to find a spot for themselves and relax under the sun. The main thing is that the beach is colossal and is spread in the area of 120 acres! Moreover, it is 90 metre wide. Apart from this there are a number of water activities here such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, and flyboarding, etc. that keep tourists riveted. The ease of getting here by just catching a local train is another reason for the popularity of this beach.

Platja De Ponent

Platja De Ponent is a perfect beach for people looking to revel in their solitude. Though the beach is urban still it is not frequently visited by the visitors, since it is the last beach towards the south of the city in Premia de Mar. It is 10 to 20 m wide and extends to 300 m. The sand is pristine here, and the whole experience of waking beside the calm waters is relaxing. Getting here is quite simple as well as one takes a train and walks then from the happening place Platja Bellamar.

Beaches In Montgat And El Masnou

For adventure loving people looking to explore the vicinity of Barcelona can also go some far ahead to Badalona in order to witness its spotless beauty. There are two great beaches in the area including El Masnou and Montgat that offer the most sought after respite to the visitors. Moreover, there are a number of buffets and bars around these beaches.

Barcelona’s Topmost Secret Adventures That Offer Thrilling Experience

View Of Labyrinth Park

Barcelona is the place that has never failed to attract the visitors. The place is always teeming with tourists as they have realized the beauty held by this amazing place. There are a number of sites and locations that offer unlimited enjoyment to the tourists. They find the experience thoroughly refreshing and rejuvenating. The hustle and bustle of the city is always a delight to watch. However, apart from the famous mainstream attractions the city also has some secret adventures that offer unparalleled thrill to the visitors. Some of these clandestine adventures have been included here.


Adventure loving people who are always in search of something more exciting every other day should never forget to relish in the anti-karaoke that are organised all over in Barcelona. The event has basically come to be regarded as staple of the city beautiful now. There are absolutely no limits on entertainment that one could indulge in. There is singing, dancing, and sound of high-quality music reverberating in the halls, and what not. The whole atmosphere is electrifying. Over the years, tourists have not only appreciated anti-karaoke but also participated in such events heartily. They offer a chance to shed the inhibitions and find one’s true self. One needs to sing and dance without any restrictions. So, people love to participate in these activities.

Visit The Viewpoint At Bunkers Del Carmel

Bunkers del Carmel is the place that has to offer ultimate scenes of sunset in this fabulous city. This unassuming place might appear to be decrepit but the views that it has to offer are simply phenomenal. Moreover, the secret aspect about this place is that it is not known by many. So, you can come here with your friends and family, or all by yourself and enjoy the idyllic beauty of the place. You can meditate here and relish in the pure beauty of nature. The experience is sure to leave the tourists elevated.

Participate In The Street Parties In Summers

The street parties in summers offer the best chance to get a glimpse into the city’s real character. Everyone is out there it seems, on the roads and enjoying the company of children and adults, old and the infirm, all at once. The atmosphere is really electrifying as people continue to carry forward their traditions by participating in various activities that are native to Barcelona, including fire runs which are called ‘Correfoc’, or human castles which are called castellers, and is a fun game in which people participate heartily.

Visit The Labyrinth Park

Well, if you have had a lot of dose of fun and frolics that is completely packed with unlimited entertainment, then it is time to visit the beautiful and serene greener patch of the city called ‘The Labyrinth Park’. Apart from the maze here, there is a small waterfall and a canal. Along with this one could also locate neoclassical features here including pavilion, and statues that are inspired by none other than the rich Greek mythology.

Vintage Shopping

Well, the list of secret things to do doesn’t seem to end! There are two streets in Barcelona that are exclusively for vintage shopping. These streets are Carrer Tallers and Riera Baixa in Raval. So, people can come here to enjoy the experience of vintage shopping.

Barcelona’s Stunning Garden And Parks That Are A Treat To Watch

View Of A Peaceful Garden

Barcelona is a popular tourist destination. Tourists from all over the world flock this area in order to witness the beautiful architecture of the buildings, along with the bubbly life in the city. The city is always busy as it is packed with people. The hustle and bustle of the city, along with some amazing entertainments and dance on the streets in the heart of the city engages people’s attention. However, Barcelona has a lot to offer to the visitors since along with the usual lively atmosphere that it has to offer to the visitors, with which the tourists have become accustomed as well, the place is known for its stunning gardens and parks that offer thoroughly refreshing experience. Some of these tranquil places in Barcelona are listed here.

Parc Guell

Gaudi is the creator of this magical place that casts a spell on the visitors the moment they enter the park. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984. There are some stunning places to visit in the garden including the psychedelic lizard, the gingerbread gatehouses, the market that has the famous 86 leaning columns, the undulating bench, and above all, there is Gaudi house that has now been turned into a museum.

The Laribal Gardens

People are entranced by the beauty of the garden. They are filled with awe at discovering the intricate details of the garden that highlight the gorgeous harmony that exists in the garden. Tourists are mesmerized by the pathways, terraces, small squares, and ponds that have hypnotizing influence on them.

Universitat Gardens

The gardens surround Universitat De Barcelona, which is a famous historical building of the region. Tourists feel a great sense of serenity and calmness here as they revel in the picturesque beauty of the garden.

Parc Del Guinardo

Parc Del Guinardo is a well-managed park that exhibits a unique combination of rustic forests and the graceful gardens. The three parts in which the park is divided include a historical area, an urban area, and the third part that offers the experience of visiting a forest as it is abounds in forest vegetation.

Parc De La Ciutadella

The sculptures, fountains, and the natural beauty here offer tourists with the perfect idyllic surroundings that they always crave for. People flock this garden to relax and rejuvenate themselves. They feel at peace while sitting inside this blissful garden. Moreover, the park is among the traditional and largest parks in the beautiful city of Barcelona.

Parc Del Laberint D’Horta

The park epitomizes the neoclassical parks and gardens that were found in the 18th century. Traces of Italian physiognomy are also visible here as one strolls through the park. Tourists are mainly attracted towards the well-known labyrinth that gives everyone a reason to smile.

Gardens Of Mossen Cinto Verdaguer

This garden is always counted among the topmost gardens in Barcelona that never fail to amuse the tourists. This is because of the wide assortment of plant and flowers species that are found here. One could find that the garden is eternally beautiful as it has all sorts of trees and flowers that flourish in all the seasons. Visiting this garden is always a treat, regardless of the time of the year.

Explore Barcelona’s Fun Filled And Thrilling Outdoor Summer Activities

Woman Posing Smiling

Barcelona is one of the most amazing places on earth. Some even call it heaven for the place has the best weather in the world. Not only this, the locals have beautified the place here by elevating the level of the services offered to the tourists. This is the reason why hospitality industry really thrives here. The weather, the food, the hotel, everything is simply perfect here. What’s more, there is a whole new range of exciting and thrilling outdoor summer activities that one could engage in while they are in Barcelona. Some of these fun filled activities are listed here.

Scuba Diving

Costa Brava is a place that has carved a niche for itself when it comes to providing the surreal experience to the people about witnessing the whole new world of different species living under the sea. The whole experience of donning the wetsuit, along with the mask and the oxygen tank, is really life-changing. The wildlife in Costa Brava is exotic and offers the visitors lifelong memories that they cherish throughout their lives. Scuba diving tours are well-guided as they include test sessions in the pool, some theory classes, and the real and exciting dive deep into the Mediterranean. This sport is enthralling and captivating and never fails to exhilarate the visitors.


Skydiving is a sport that is meant to satiate the desires of the fun lovers and the risk-takers. It is a sport for the people who dare to explore the unchartered territories, and come out of their shelves. Skydiving over Costa Brava offers the most perfect and thrilling experience as one is made to dive from a height of 12,500 feet above the ground. That one minute of free fall leap before the parachute comes to action offers one amazing life-transforming experience.


Parasailing is not as daring as skydiving as one could relax and enjoy the activity in a slow and relaxed mood. One could witness the thrill of taking off from the boat and going up in the sky to witness the breathtaking coastline of Barcelona.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is one of the most daring sports that are meant for the daring souls. You take a plunge from 65 metre high crane before having a look at the beautiful city. As soon as you jump the adrenaline starts rushing in the body, providing one with the thrill and adventure that they had come looking for here. The experience is so thrilling that people are seen returning to the sports whenever they are in Barcelona in summers.


Flyboarding is one of the latest additions to the summer activities offered in Barcelona. The activity has become one of the most popular activities though as people like to act as a superhero. What exactly happens is that people stand on the wakeboard-esque board, and suddenly they see themselves rocketing up into the sky as the two jets of water propel them into the air. They go as high as six meters into the air. Once they have mastered the act of balancing, people are seen posing for pictures, and moving and dancing at their own whims and fancies.

Barcelona’s Most Stylish, Modish And Appealing Boutique Hotels

View Of A Luxury Hotel

Barcelona has always attracted thousands of visitors throughout the world. The natural beauty of the place coupled with the amazing architecture of the buildings always stuns the visitors. And, there are a large number of restaurants as well in the area that offer delicious and mouth-watering dishes to the visitors. The tourism industry too has grown along with the rising number of visitors, and there are a great variety of stylish and appealing boutique hotels in Barcelona that offer grand experience to the visitors. Here are some of the boutique hotels that are sure to offer one a splendid experience.

Ohla Hotel

The hotel is a symbol of modern architecture’s success in creating magical and mesmerizing building. To begin with the facade of the hotel is created by Frederic Amat, a Catalan designer, and displays thousand eyes. Then, as one move inside they find the oak floors beautifully bedecked with velvet bed throws. Among the various surprises for the visitors is the hidden toilet that is never easy to locate. The crowning glory of the hotel, though, is the rooftop pool that offers amazing scenes of the city.

Casa Camper

Casa Camper is the dream creation of the manufacturers of iconic shoes in Barcelona. The desire to get into the sprawling tourist industry motivated the owners to come up with this hotel called the Casa Camper. One could find all sorts of latest fad in here, including hammocks in the room. The staff is always buoyant and responsive, and people who like to read fall in love with the place as they have access to a number of magazines and books. Moreover, the visitors are offered free snacks as well.

Chic And Basic

Chic and Basic has all sorts of modish design including the showers that are just near the bed. The hotel is covered in white paint, and the room dividers are of twisted acrylic. There is free Wi-Fi and incredible rococo sofas in the lounge called ‘Be Yourself’. There is the availability of computer as well along with the wide range of biscuits, coffee, and teas.

Barcelo Raval

The success of Barcelo Raval has proved its critics wrong, as they constantly chided the location of the hotel amidst unpredictable neighbourhood. However, now it is a landmark in Barcelona as the neon lighting of the hotel acts as a beacon after dusk. One could enjoy one’s drink while sitting at the rooftop terrace and enjoy the panoramic view of the city from there. However, there is a beautiful restaurant/ tapas bar at the ground floor as well.

Room Mate Emma

This is the first venture of Room Mate group in Barcelona, as they are a well-known name in Madrid. They never fail to surprise the visitors with decent prices. The hotel is an example of futuristic design, as one is greeted with space-age appearance of the lobby. The furniture is ergonomically shaped, and there are suites with terrace. It is always better to find a room with a window in order to witness the hustle and bustle of the city, while enjoying one’s stay in the hotel.

Barcelona’s Top Most Tempting Restaurants Offering Value Set Lunches

View Of A Restaurant

There are an amazing number of restaurants in Barcelona that offer scrumptious and delectable food to the visitors. However, more often it is seen that one needs to shell out a huge amount of money in order to have the pleasure of dining in one of the most enchanting restaurants, or, in other cases, people find themselves completely choked amidst the roaring crowd. However, there is a great variety of restaurants in Barcelona that offer value set lunches to the visitors. So, they could now sit down, relax, and enjoy the luscious lunches at affordable rates. Some of these restaurants are listed here.

La Polpa Eixample

Passeig is a busy place that has a lot to offer to the visitors. They could walk around, shop, and dine at the most expensive restaurants. However, La Polpa Eixample simply suits the visitors who are looking to eat in a budget. The staff is dressed smartly, the napkins are linen ones, and there is the patina of posh. However, one just need to pay €10.30, which is a very cheap rate as compared to the rates of the other restaurants in the vicinity. Food offered is modern and is well prepared by expert chefs. There is the loin of tuna, house wine, and a muscat, among other menu items. So, such a deal is never a bad deal at all.

El Jardi Raval

The Raval is a spot that is just near the Ramblas, and this place is visited by many. There is a small restaurant called the El Jardi here. The restaurant offers amazingly sumptuous and appealing food, despite of the size of its kitchen. The restaurant and the food might not appear to be fancy, but the taste is delicious and is sure to tempt one to ask for more, and visit the place again. The top dishes include thick potato and leek soup, sausage casserole, and a filling lentil.

Teresa Carles, Raval

Vegetarians delight at the sight of seeing the restaurant that is located towards the north of the Raval. And, the restaurants stand up to the expectation of the people looking for the delectable vegetarian delight. The staff is incredibly busy but always well-behaved. One just need to pay €13 to get a starter or a salad, main course meal, and at the end there is the fruit salad. The main course comprises of rice, cereals, pasta, or vegetables. However, one needs to pay for bread, drinks or other fancier desserts. Still, the food offered at this price is acceptable.

Petra, Born

Born is a place full of narrow alleys that have innovative and interesting shops all around. There is a restaurant called the Petra in one of the lanes. Knives and spoons make up the chandelier here and the place has around 10 or so tables. The owner and the chef of the restaurant is a jovial person who could also be seen working at the tables. The top items in the menu include the pumpkin gnocchi, crema catalan that is served with baked apple, and there is also the spicy chicken that is served along with the muscatel sauce.

5 Essential Things To Do While Visiting Barcelona

Picture Of Placa Reial

Barcelona is one of the liveliest places in Spain that is famous for a number of things, including the astonishing natural beauty, archaic architecture, old and fascinating buildings, friendly people, and a plethora of eating options. People fall in love with this place as they could witness amazing beaches, extraordinary views of sunset, and the best variety of beers. So, let us see some of the essential things that one should never miss out while visiting Barcelona.

Placa Reial

The square is in the vicinity of Las Ramblas. Tourists are attracted by the best bars in the region, along with the Catalan or Spanish restaurants offering traditional foods. There are a number of top quality nightclubs in this region as well. The best part is the availability of a number of live performances, including Sidecar, which is famous for Indie rock music. One could enjoy the lively atmosphere and the musical vibes emanating all over the place, and spend hours – sitting and relaxing with their friends.

El Born And El Gotica

The journey to Barcelona is incomplete without visiting these rustic streets that are smelly, yet enchanting. There are an amazing number of tapas bars, little cafes, on both sides of the streets, which makes them the perfect place to visit. In short, for all those intending to experience the ‘real’ Barcelona, these windy and rustic streets would provide you with everything that you have been looking for.

Experience The Best Of The Barcelona’s Beaches

Barcelona has stunningly beautiful and attractive beaches in the world. Moreover, one could enjoy the lively and vibrant atmosphere at some of the beaches, and at the same time, some beaches provide the tranquillity and serenity that the tourists and locals look for sometimes.

The most happening beach is Barceloneta, which is the most frequently visited beaches in Barcelona. Music is played at an incredibly high speed there and the visitors have amazingly hypnotizing time of their life as they sip Mojitos, the cocktail that they buy at exorbitant prices. However, caution must be exercised while visiting the place as it is full of pickpockets who are always in search of an opportunity to act as a spoilsport in your trip.

Also, for the wild beach goers, there is the beach of Marbella, where nudity is legalized by the authorities. So, one could go wild while visiting the place and have extreme fun.

Visit The Areas In The Vicinity

Apart from the vibrant and joyful atmosphere in Barcelona, there are a multitude of other places in its vicinity that get hold of a person’s attention. One of them is the place called Sitges, which is frequently visited by the local people of Barcelona. The place is immaculately clean and spotless, and has extremely beautiful and expansive holiday homes that are a property of super rich Spaniards. One could visit the classical restaurants and cafes of the area and enjoy their beautiful walk along the palm trees.

Witness The View From The Rooftop

Apart from visiting various places, one could simply take an elevator in a multi-storeyed hotel, and witness the beauty of the place from its rooftop. The amazing landscape of the area is bound to have hypnotic effects over the people, who would feel like never leaving this heaven on earth.