Unearthing Topmost Romantic Locations In Barcelona

View Of Park Guell

Barcelona is one of the sizzling locations in the world that is known for its vibrant and electrifying atmosphere. The city area is full of activity, and people take pleasure in live performances and musical shows that are ubiquitous in the streets of Barcelona. Moreover, art scene of the area is quite developed as well. And, architecture of the buildings is worth appreciating too. So, all these features make Barcelona one of the topmost romantic spots in the world. And, here are some of the greatest locations within Barcelona that are ideal for the lovers to visit.

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia is a topmost tourist spot in Barcelona. One could find names of lovers inscribed all over the walls here. Moreover, couples could be seen in every nook and corner of this greatly designed building.

Barcelona Pipa Club

Barcelona Pipa Club is an unassuming jazz club located in the vicinity of Plaza Reial. The club has a unique entrance as one needs to ring up a bell in order to call the attention of people inside. Besides, one need to take several steps prior to reaching this secret location. This dimly lit club is a perfect place for lovers to amass some memorable moments of their lives. Moreover, one could also hear noises of concert being organised next door. So, the setting of the place is thoroughly romantic and inspiring.

La Fianna

La Fianna is another great bar in El Born neighbourhood. People really enjoy the electrifying atmosphere of the place. The pulsating vibes of the place invariably exhilarate the tourists. Besides, there are beds as well for visitors to lie down and sip their favourite cocktails. So, it is a perfect place to enjoy along with one’s partner.

Can Marti

Can Marti is one of those unique spots that still retain the custom of preparing leisurely lunch which is cooked on wood-burning stove. Besides, one is greeted with sweeping views of the city from the window too. So, it is a perfect spot to spend some quality time with one’s partner, and enjoy the perfectly cooked meal, and great natural setting of the restaurant.

Terrace At Hotel Omm

The terrace at hotel Omm is perhaps among the best spots in Barcelona to witness the sprawling views of the city. The whole city lies in front of a person, and offers such rejuvenating experience. Lovers invariably like the spectacular views of the city from the top. This certainly elevates their mood.

Park Guell

Park Guell is one of the most beautiful parks in Barcelona which is characterized by famous tiling, surreal architecture, and great natural setting. People always gape in astonishment at unparalleled beauty of this park.


Montserrat is another great location in Barcelona which is ideal for lovers to visit. Love is in the air it seems as the place invariably casts a hypnotic spell upon the visitors.


Sitges makes up for a great day tour from Barcelona. The best part about visiting the place is one gets to see pristine beaches here. Couples could always enjoy sangria and dance to their favourite tunes.