Exploring Topmost Shopping Streets In Barcelona

Couple Posing Shopping

Barcelona is a great spot in Europe that attracts millions of tourists worldwide, who are really interesting in exploring the great Catalan culture here. They are amazed to see the well-developed art scene here. People’s Craze for art is depicted in the way walls in the streets are covered in masterpiece paintings. The best part is that tourists have a great number of options to do shopping as there is a dazzling array of fashion boutiques, designer stores, and some amazingly enchanting shopping streets. The whole atmosphere is so lively and vibrant here that tourists are completely mesmerized by the city. Here are some of the shopping streets and spots that offer incredible experience to tourists.

Passeig De Gracia

Passeig de Gracia is among the most fashionable and elegant shopping street in Barcelona that is of international standards. Top Hollywood stars are often seen here shopping in their favourite chic shops. Moreover, the street is one of the most cherished streets in the whole world actually; such is the craze and admiration that tourists have for this street. Basically, the street is flanked by trees on both sides, and modernist architecture adorns the boulevard, which has some of the most expensive and stylish restaurants and hotels. The pavements here exhibit Gaudi’s motifs and are quite appealing. Tourists are invariably amazed to find a great number of exclusive luxury brands here that are popular worldwide.

Downtown Plaza Catalunya

This Downtown Plaza also attracts a lot of tourists. There is a great variety of shops here selling top class items. Moreover, there is a big shopping mall as well called ‘El Triangle Mall.’ Pick of the lot is ‘Sephora Triangle,’ which is the biggest perfume shop in Barcelona.

Portal De L’Angel

This pedestrian street always stuns the visitors who are always exhilarated to locate a great variety of high street brands here in the shops. One could find famous flagship stores here including H&M’s. Moreover, there are a number of smaller yet stylish boutiques as well here.

Avenida Diagonal

Avenida Diagonal connects the fashionable residential area in the southwest of Barcelona with the north-eastern tip of Barcelona. There is a dazzling array of trendy stores here catering to the demands of a wide range of tourists. These trendy stores include Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, and Gucci Stores, to name a few. Placa de Francesc Macia is another famous shopping area near Avenid Diagonal. So, the whole atmosphere is electrifying here.

Rambla De Catalunya

Tourists love to stroll in this street that has countless small boutiques here offering latest fashionable and trendy items. Tourists are always exhilarated to come across a wide range of fashion boutiques, gift shops, accessory shops, and cafes, etc.

Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas is a great spot to buy some souvenir items that makes one’s visit immortal. Besides, there are some restaurants as well where tourists could replenish themselves.

Old Areas Of Barcelona

Old areas in Barcelona are equally appealing and inciting, as they reflect the true essence of Barcelona. There are a number of artisan and fashion boutiques here that make shopping real fun.

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