The Best Things To Do In Barcelona

Beautiful View Of Montjuïc

Barcelona is a beautiful city and if you’re visiting the city there are a few things you must do. Here’s a list to help you plan your trip.

Walk Around

Barcelona is a large city that has some amazing places that are at a walking distance from each other. It’s a good idea to take a stroll around the city to discover some of the best parts in the city. Walking around will also help you check out some great restaurants where you can eat.

Explore Gaudí And Modernisme

This is one of the best tourist attractions to check out when in Barcelona that helps you check out the detailed work of the modernisme period. These buildings are created by Antoni Gaudí. If you walk around the city, you will see a number of beautiful structures created by him. Some of the most noted creations include Sagrada Família, Park Güell, La Pedrera and Palau Güell.


Barcelona has some of the best music concerts and live concerts that you must witness when you’re in the city. Some of the best music ventures include Razzmatazz and Apolo. These concerts are beautiful and the halls that hold these shows are mesmerizing. They have amazing ornate carvings, plush red carpets and interiors that are all out to impress.

The Early Years Of Picasso

Barcelona is the city where Picasso spent some of the most prominent years of his youth. You can witness his beautiful creations at various places here. Take a walk down the C/Reina Cristina where you will see a lot of Piasso’s creations. If you want to check out some of his more famous creations you can visit the Museu Picasso.

Must Try The Tapas, Pintxos And Vermouth

Pintxos are smaller bite sized tapas that you can eat on a toothpick. Barcelona has some amazing food and drinks to try out, but you must try the tapas here. If you’re looking for some amazing wine then Vermouth is by far the best.


There are a number of places you can take a walk in Barcelona, but witnessing the Montjuïc is one of the best walks you’ll ever have. There’s not a lot of crowd here, so you can enjoy the beautiful nature and the amazing view from the top.

The Artsy Side Of Barcelona

Walking is the best thing to do in Barcelona, but having said that there are different places you can take a walk. There are some great roads here where you can witness some of the best art sculptures and arts that are created by some of the most renounced painters in the world.

Try The Seafood

There are a number of amazing restaurants that you will enjoy here in the city o Barelona. But most of the restaurants are best known for their seafood. If you’re a seafood lover this city will be an ultimate paradise for you. There are a number of restaurants that you can eat at here which are known for serving up some amazing seafood delicacies.

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