Enjoy The Spanish Cuisine At Barcelona’s Trending Restaurants

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Barcelona is the Mecca of the Spanish world, where life seems to be brimming with love; a love that celebrates a diversity of culture that has various culinary experiences the Spanish way. Here are some of the top restaurants in Barcelona where guests can enjoy the best of Spanish cuisine.

Les Tres a la Cuina

It may look like a small deli with several tables, but this eatery is a great spot for grab some lunch or dinner. However, you need to make a reservation to be assured of getting a spot in the restaurant. Its menu includes cuisines for around the world and the very best of the Spanish culinary. It is the perfect place to go for brunch. One of its top dishes is the polenta and Passat with garlic tart or goat’s cheese.


The beauty of Kaiku is it’s ever changing menu that sways with what is good in the food market. Hence, each week has its unique menu, but always expect a bit of the usual servings that includes chicken and shellfish. The vegetable dishes, however, take the day because the chef always works with fresh produce some of which are from the owner’s garden.

Can Culleretes

Can Culleretes can be viewed as a master of the culinary scene in Barcelona. The restaurant has been around for two centuries (since 1786), amazing! And, given such a long history, it probably is why it has matrons that act like they have been around long enough to know what customers want and quickly convincing them otherwise if they seem lost for choice. The menu here includes an array of Spanish dishes at affordable prices.

Cinc Sentits

Cinc Sentits is big on Catalan Cuisine but still has managed to place Chef Jordi Artal’s creation on the culinary scene. Its keen on making unforgettable dishes that make up is fixed menus, which include seven-course Sensacions and five-course Essència. It is one of the places in Barcelona to take your special other for a romantic Spanish dinner.

Can Solé

It may be a bit upmarket that most restaurants, but it still is big in exceptionality. For instance, it offers reading glasses to guests that need them during dinners. As one of the city’s best paella restaurants, Can Solé is where people go for its famous paellas and its “grandmother’s spoon food” which includes potato and lentil stew, poached eggs with onion soup, and chickpeas with chorizo.

El Atril

El Atril exudes a homely atmosphere with its stone-walled dining room. Sitting under umbrellas on Plaça de Sant Cuga while savoring a bowl of moules et frites gives it that Spanish touch. However, El Atril has more to offer than just that; there are plenty of meat and drinks that include wine and beers.

Set Portes

Located near the port, even its name is befitting since is huge on seafood and paella. Set Portes has been serving Barcelonans with hearty meals since 1836 and still is good at its trade; making Spanish cuisine with the magic found in old recipes and giving some dishes a new twist. Many great people have grace the restaurant, and some have been immortalized in plaques embedded on the chairs.

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