Friends having fun

Most people would think that studying in a business school means interactive high-tech classes, taxing project works, internships, campus placement stress, etc. But, that’s not all for the Rockhurst students studying in the Helzberg School of Management. A group of students from the business school had a wonderful Christmas break with a Spanish twist. They set out for their 12 day trip to Barcelona, Spain on the 1st of January.

This fun trip was actually a part of their academic curriculum. The MG 3091 course which teaches about Global Issues in Business/Culture requires the students to take up a foreign trip in order to learn about the different culture, heritage and lifestyle that people enjoy. As a part of the program, about 20 to 30 students and a few Rockhurst professors make a Spain trip that enables the students to get to know their scenery, business, life and culture.


This year, the trip was organized for 12 days and the student group was accompanied by Dr. Pete Bicak, the professor of Communication (also Department Chair of Communications and Fine Art) and Dr. Jeremy O’Connor, the assistant professor of management.

This educational trip comprised of various planned activities that are culture and education focused. One morning, the student group visited a small village that is located at the outskirts of Barcelona to learn about a textile company named Punto Blanco that is situated there.

Upon their arrival, the students were taken around the factory so that they can take a closer look at the complete manufacturing process of the company’s luxury socks starting from yarn to packaging stage.

Besides the informative and educational part of the trip, the students also get to closely watch and understand the beauty of the city and its complex architectural structures developed by one of the world famous architects named Antoni Gaudí.

Among the various activities was also an amazing audio-visual tour of the architectural wonder – La SagradaFamilia and Casa Batllo. Both these beautiful structures in Barcelona are masterpieces by Gaudí.

The best part about this education trip by business students is that in almost each year, it gets overlapped with one of the most celebrated holidays in Spain known as the Día de Los Reyes, or the Three Kings Day. While on their trip, the business students get the opportunity to enjoy the first-hand experience of the festivities. They can attend the city parade that is organized outside the magic fountain, Font Mágica.

The fun yet educational trip that is geared towards the overall developed of the students’ personality is made possible by a Jesuit institution which is situated in Barcelona. The institution’s professors join the Rockhurst students to enjoy the educational activities. They also conduct various business lectures.


Besides knowing the culture and getting to attend lectures, the students also get to enjoy sports and other entrainment. For Alex Mitchell, the best part of the entire trip was the FC Barcelona game. Those who interest in history and culture had a great time discovering the rich artwork at the Museu Nacional d’Arte de Catalunya and the Picasso Museum.

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