Barcelona’s Basilica Sagrada Familia Is A UNESCO World Heritage

Picture Of Basilica Sagrada

Rodrigo Garrido /

The Basilica Sagrada Familia was commission by José María Boca Bella and construction began in 1882 under the stewardship of the architect of the Diociese Francisco del Villar. The architect would, later on, resign due to disagreements with Boca Bella. Antoni Gaudi then took over the job in 1883 and much of what is the Basilica today is from what he envision for the building.

While much worked has been covered over the past two centuries, a lot still remains. The Basilica is earmarked to be completed in the year 2026, which means that Sagrada Familia will have taken around 144 years to finish. The church as lush designs and is of an extensive dimension making it an enormous and massive structure. Its location and even existence become so significant to a point where people as well as is architect, Gaudi, called it “the Cathedral.”

As mentioned, much of what is the Basilica day was influenced by Gaudi’s work, from the construction to the design. However, a huge percent of the church’s parts were built based on plans that are not clearly laid out. Hence, current architects and constructors working on the church work based on assumptions of what the great Antoni Gaudi has originally planned. In a much as this may be, the overall expectation is that Basilica Sagrada Familia will be a church whose magnificence surpasses that of other existing Christian churches.

The Interior Of The Church

The interior has five naves and each with an assigned door and an altar at the back of the central nave, which is under many windows of the apse. Also, there are two side portals leading to the baptistery and penance chapel. The layout of the church has a rich symbolism; everything has an independent symbolic significance, from the windows, doors, columns, and every other area of the church.

The Facades Of The Church

Basilica Sagrada Familia has three main facades, namely, the façade of the birth, the façade of the suffering way and the façade of the blessed. The façade of the birth of Christ was the first to be completed and has three portals, the portal of mercy, the portal of hope, and the portal of faith.

The Church’s Towers

The first tower to be completed was the St. Barnabas Tower, which was finished in 1925 and the only tower that Gaudi got to see before his demise. The other three were completed by architect Sugrañes, and these were on the façade of the birth of Christ.  The other facades will also get four towers with those of the facade of the blessed being the highest towers.

The Crypt, Rosary Chapel, Cloister, And Apse

The four are areas inside the Basilica and heavily adorned with symbols. The crypt is situated between the portal of the suffering of Christ and the portal of birth and has one of the seven chapels of the Basilica. Gaudi worked on and finished the Rosary Chapel called the “Our Virgin of the Rosary.” It is located at the corners of the cloister. The cloister is outside surrounding the sacristies, baptistery, and other structures. The apse is over the altar and a dome dedicated to the Holy Mother will be placed over the apse.

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